The contradictions, ambiguities, and plain falsehoods, contained in the so-called MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT, absolutely stuns the normal intelligent person, e.g. “all have the right to utilize the opportunities that have come with freedom”.

This “freedom” after 1994 was mainly political (we could now vote, which did not put food on the table; we could live in all areas, if we have money etc.) but otherwise it was the capitalist class which benefited mostly. The capitalists, with the support of the ANC in government, could now exploit the working class more than ever before. They could do so because the government then, had legitimacy in the eyes of the majority of the people. They could now also, with no restrictions, take profits out of this country instead, of investing in infrastructure which would have benefited us. Is this freedom, to scratch for something to eat in rubbish bins? To sit by the wayside hoping that someone will offer you “employment”, so that you may feed yourself, and maybe your family too?

Quote from the ANC Manifesto:“We will intensify our efforts to provide services and opportunities such as water and sanitation, health, electricity, housing and education, to those South African who still do not have them”: Why not free water and electricity, these are absolute essentials. But since these are privatized; and the capitalist must make a profit; where workers cannot pay, they are consequently denied. The destruction of working class families (street children, abuse of wives and children, destitution etc); as long as the ownership of the means of production (factories, mines, banks and farms) belong to the few capitalists, then our future must remain uncertain.

Quote:“We celebrate a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it ……… a Peoples Contract to Create Work and FIGHT POVERTY”. You cannot have a contract that meets the needs of the capitalist and of the working class – this like saying that the wolf and sheep can sign a contract to live in peace, side by side. Such a contract clearly only favours the wolf. We in WIVL say that the only contract which the working class should be happy to endorse, is where the means of production is transferred, from private hands to that of the working class; that would indeed be reason to celebrate. It is private ownership of the means of production and distribution which is responsible for people’s problems.


Quote:“Today South Africa is a democratic country………..” In this so-called democratic country where are our votes put this government into office, we the working class are systematically disempowered. We are told by the media that this economy is growing; but who is this growth good for? Not the working class. Take the R710,00 per month given to pensioners, we challenge these members of parliament to show us that they can live off this sum for even one month. It is an indictment of this ANC government that people who sacrificed their lives in the anti-capitalist struggle should have to make do with this paltry sum. The average life expectancy has dropped dramatically from 62 to 55.

If this continues at this rate, by 2014 the average life expectancy will have dropped to between 40 and 45. In the next period, 5 million people are expected to die from Aids. Early death through hunger, starvation and exhaustion is no cause to celebrate. The will (vote) of the working class is receiving very little attention from this government. All they give us is words and more words.
To talk about education; it has come to light that among those enrolled for matric last year (2003) 60% dropped out, because of poverty. Our so-called “right to education and skills” stands exposed as so much hot air, while the destruction of the future of our children carries on apace. We have a right to demand free education, with books, meals, infrastructure, qualified teachers and whatever else is necessary up to at least grade 12. For those working class children who wish to, free education up to as far as they can go.

Quote:“Today, South Africa is a country with a justice system that serves the people………and laws which are intended to prevent abuse”. In the case of an unemployed father who steals in order to feed his family. What does the justice system do; let him go or destroy him? The working class knows only too well what the system does; a spin-off of the Jali Commission is that it has now become common knowledge the destruction of people that takes place in prison.


Quote:“Since 1994, R50 billion has been transferred to the poor; through subsidized houses accommodating 6 million people; through transfer of deeds in houses, that people have occupied in townships………..”. No mention of the substandard quality of the “housing” and the profiteering that forever happens around these contracts.

As for the transfer of deeds in townships. These “houses” had in most instances, not been properly maintained for one; secondly they had probably been paid for many times over, depending on the period of occupation, and, thirdly it has now become the sole responsibility of the owners, who now have to maintain them, and on top of that, also pay rates and all the rest of it. Housing provided so far has been at the best of times, hopelessly inadequate. The working class party must decide what the requirements for adequate housing are. R50 billion rand over 10 years may look like a lot of money but it amounts to about R5 billion per year which is peanuts.

In any case this is tax-payers monies which is derived either from:
a) VAT of which the working class is the major contributor.
b) Normal tax in the form of PAYE, again the working class.
c) Taxes on factories and mines- bosses profits; which profits are derived from the blood and sweat of workers.

The working class deserves not only adequate but free housing, and what about all the squatters.

They are the human capital of this country and have a right, same as everyone to adequate housing. Any plan that does not aim to build proper homes for all is a plan to keep people homeless.
Any plan that does not aim to give work for all at a living wage, is a plan to keep the working class in a state of starvation. Such is the trademark of any capitalist government.

As the cornerstone of the ANC manifesto is dependent on encouraging capitalist investment, this means that the state will always be bound hand and foot to imperialism [the giant monopolies and banks]. The state is clearly the executive committee of the imperialists and the local capitalist class. Bourgeois[capitalist] elections are simply aimed at giving legitimacy to this executive committee to carry out their plans for the continued exploitation of the working class.

In conclusion, the deterioration in all spheres of life, to which we have been witness, over the last decades; has happened because the capitalist system is in absolute decline, even in the metropolitan countries (USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, etc). Increasing permanent unemployment, one of the major features of this crisis, grows apace and, only with the total uprooting of this system, which has long ago outlived its usefulness, will we begin to see some kind of future.
For things to start moving in the right direction the working class has to apply its energies to the creation of a workers party as part of the rebuilding of the Fourth International, as the organ which will fight for its interest.




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