Zuma must fall- forward to a general strike


If the Mandela Rhodes Foundation and the SACP are calling for Zum to fall, then it means that imperialism has already lined up a candidate in the wings. Rather interesting that the SACP statement of 31.3.2017 only criticises Allan Gray and Remgro (Anton Rupert) for their role in the Net 1 robbery of the poorest of the poor (Sassa grant scandal), yet they fail to criticise the role of the imperialist World Bank. The World Bank is not only the biggest shareholder in Net 1 but they bought their stake after the Constitutional Court found the relation between Sassa and Net 1 to be corrupt. The World bank now wants Net 1 to rob the entire Africa


The problem is that imperialism does not have credible candidates. The billionaire butcher of Marikana, Ramaphosa, is hardly credible. Motlanthe was involved in corruption in mining. Billionaire Sexwale is involved with the World Bank and Net 1 theft from our pensioners.


Will Zuma go silently or will he rage against the light?


So the question arises whether we have reached our Gaddafi/Assad moment? Namely, has the moment arisen when the state will start using live ammunition on unarmed protestors? Or is it more of an Erdogan moment where state opponents are going to be dismissed en masse and stadiums turned into prisons?


The rise of the Trump era which is also characterised by fascist Ukraine, fascist Syria, fascist Egypt, fascist Israel, fascist Philippines, militarist Russia, bonapartist Italy and Brazil, fascistic India, fascist Myanmar/Burma, all point to rule by decree and undermining of the bourgeois apparatus. In other words, the democratic structures that exist, as weak as they are, have become an obstacle for further capitalist accumulation of profits.


What is needed is the setting up of action committees in every workplace, mine, farm, factory, every community of the masses. There needs to be preparation for the groundwork towards a general strike until the Zuma regime steps down.


What is needed in its place? We need a Constituent Assembly, based on area representation, delegates of 1 per 20 000 people, subject to instant recall and not earning a wage higher than a skilled worker. The Assembly should not have any pre-conditions as happened in the 1994 period when imperialism insisted on the protection of their wealth as a non-negotiable.


For this to happen, the working class needs to be organised independently in action committees for a Constituent Assembly.


Any real advance will not come through any of the parliamentary parties. We need to cast off the old jackets and don a new one. Now, more than ever, the activists and revolutionary Socialists/Communists need to urgently work on a common political programme. This will serve as the basis of a new, revolutionary working class party. This party has to unite the masses across Africa and indeed the working class of the entire world. 


Forward to working class power.

WIVP 31.3 2017

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Without exception,ALL the parties taking part in the elections,despite their promises, will deliver a future of more unemployment, lower wages, more hardship, more evictions, more homelessness, more exclusion from education, death and destruction through starvation and Aids.

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