16 12. 2012 Message of Solidarity with farm workers- No reconciliation with the slave bosses

We salute your heroism and courage in the fight against continued slave conditions on the farms. You are continuing the heroic struggle of the mineworkers and transport workers before you.  Your struggle is a concern for all workers. Your demands are similar to the demands of workers everywhere. The fact that the Cosatu leaders have called off your strikes twice before does not mean that we should not stand together, shoulder to shoulder, with other Cosatu workers. In fact, the only guarantee of success in this fight is if workers, as they did at the start of the strike, unite as workers, irrespective of which union they belong to or even if they do not belong to any union.

We offer a few proposals for your consideration:

1.       Form a committee on every farm- one farm, one committee, uniting all workers, irrespective of which union they belong to and irrespective of whether they are permanent or casual or seasonal, immigrant with or without papers;

2.       Organise workers committees in every working class area so that workers from various farms are united with workers in the towns;

3.       For a Central committee of delegates of farm worker committees and area committees;

4.        No negotiations with any bosses or bosses organization or government if mandated delegates from the farm committees are not present;

5.       We propose that each farm worker collects R1 per month to give as solidarity to the family of Michael Daniels (and the family of any other farm worker who was killed in this fight)

6.       We need to realize that the strike of 9th January will not happen unless the farm worker committees themselves go around to all the farms;

7.       There should be a uniform list of demands drawn up and sent to all the farm bosses and their organizations;

8.       Farm worker committees should challenge the unions that they should accept members irrespective if workers are permanent or casual or seasonal an irrespective of their immigrant status.

9.       Unions that have members in other parts of the food chain like transport, food processing, retail sector, should all be challenged to mobilise their members to come out in solidarity strike action should the strike on the 9th January go ahead;

10.   Last but not least, unions that are in alliance with the ANC should be challenged to break their alliance with it as ANC leaders are labour brokers on the farms and are part of the farm bosses themselves and in fact they are part of the farm bosses who are refusing to pay the R150 per day which is itself very low.

11.   Any farm that dismisses workers or refuses to reinstate workers should face intensified strike support action; we call for these and for all farms that refuse to meet workers demands to be taken over (expropriated without compensation) and run by the workers.

Aluta Continua! Forward to the unity of workers in the cities with the workers in the rural areas! Forward to an international independent working class party! Forward to Socialism!

Workers International Vanguard Party

www.workersinternational.org.za    ph 0822020617