This is a simple call to the Workers and Socialist Party (WASP), to the Democratic Left front (DLF), to Numsa members, to all Cosatu members, to all community activists to organise protests asap against the SA troops in CAR: put simply, the SA ANC govt used their troops as a private security agency of Sasol, Elf and Shanduka, (where the ANC president and vice president have shares, along with US and French imperialism). the SA troops should be withdrawn and the ANC top 6 should step down and indeed the entire Cabinet should step aside, they are responsible for the use of SA troops to act as agents to defend capitalist interests. We call for workplace and community based action committees to be set up to drive this campaign.

Quite simply, we should support the CAR masses to set up mine worker committees and committees of poor peasants to carry out the expropriation of all imperialist assets and for them to set up a workers' govt based on these committees. As a start, let us unite against the govt to withdraw the troops now. The SA army is not the private security company of Sasol, Shanduka and others. If this is allowed unchallenged, the Brics road is open for SA and other troops to be used as surrogates for imperialism to continue to plunder Africa.

Us as the tiny WIVP have taken initiative to call a picket outside parliament on Tuesday 2 April 12 noon to 2pm but we also call activists to a meeting on Tuesday 530pm to Community house on Tuesday to plan further joint action. This fight does not belong to the WIVP, let us all shape how the protest looks like.

The only reason why we called the first protest on Tuesday is that the SA govt has already begun dispatching more troops to the CAR, which is an act of war against the FACA and Seleca rebels, either way, it is not to defend the masses but to defend Zuma and Ramaphosa inc. Body bags will arrive in numbers- our troops deserve better.

Any progressive organization who joins the picket on Monday will be given equal speaking rights