Call for consideration of a broader day of action with parents, students and academics


Building on our previous position on why the ANC regime was forced to give in to the demand for 0% increase in fees (  )  we call for consideration for a broader day of action, which involves the parents, students and academics/educators, from basic, secondary and tertiary education, for the central demand of free education for all, and other demands.


This is primarily to bring the parents and thus the broader working class and masses on board. This day of action should be this week at a date and time decided by the various committees. This is to test the water to see to what extent the working class can be organised into action on the demands. The state will do everything in its power to make sure this action does not take place. They will plant their agents to try and divert us.


If the student action continues without the broader support of the working class, the state will seek to isolate the activist students and turn victory into defeat. The challenge should go out to all working class and progressive formations to join the broad day of action, noting that many of these structures are led by reformists, waiting to water down the demands. We cannot bypass them, we need to put them to the test.


A deadline needs to be set for the demands to be achieved; the report on free education that has been suppressed by Blade, should be released immediately.


Once the turnout of this day of action is assessed, the next step can be planned. Sometimes some sectors march ahead of others and need to consider other options, even temporary retreat, if they march alone as often struggles are uneven. Broader committees of student-parent-educator/academic needs to be considered in these circumstances.


Remember that the state conceded based on their hope to keep the working class off the streets, not based only on the united student action.


This is a proposal for the students in struggle to consider.



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