Down with the TNC, agent of imperialist counterrevolution in Libya


Imperialism moving its counter-revolutionary agency, the TNC to Tripoli is part of their desperate attempt to strangle the revolutionary efforts of the masses to smash the Gaddafi regime from top to bottom. Already there is a split growing between the revolutionary masses and the TNC. Imperialism is desperate to gain and maintain control. This is why the TNC is at pains to stress that they are acting for ‘peace and security’- what they really mean is to act against the revolutionary elements of the Libyan masses and revolutionary elements in the militias. Imperialism is acting to save the remnants of the Gaddafi regime to act with the TNC to strangle the revolution. This why the TNC is doing everything they can to prevent the masses getting hold of the heavy weaponry such as tanks, etc. The aim of imperialism is to set up a unified counter-revolutionary agency from fragments of the Gaddafi regime representing the local bourgeoisie but under the direct control of imperialism.


There are military measures such as US, British agents and Qatari mercenaries and others to try and gain military control over the revolutionary efforts of the masses in order to prevent the taking over of capitalist property and to prevent the masses from taking revolutionary justice against the capitalist elements that imperialism needs to constitute the ‘new’ regime (really the same regime with a new face). This means that the TNC will do anything to neutralise the revolutionary vanguard of the masses. There are also other measures such as  the UN’s agreement for ‘aid’ to the Libyan government, which is really direct political support to the TNC against the Libyan masses. This means that the AU and South African regime’s support for ‘aid’ to the Libyan government is support for the TNC to strangle the masses. This shows once again that the UN, the AU and the South African government are agents of imperialism. But the political support by these agencies is not about medicines or food- Libya is rich enough- the political support to build up the TNC will enable the TNC to, act against the revolutionary vanguard in Libya, even if they have to massacre them. This is the current moment in Libya and the dangers that present themselves before the masses.


We call for support for the Libyan masses against the TNC and the remnants of the Gaddafi regime. We call for the formation of workers and soldiers councils, including immigrant workers, based on expropriation of the Libyan capitalists and all imperialist assets, without compensation, placing these under workers control. We call for international solidarity brigades to support the fight of the Libyan masses against the TNC. We call for the paralyzing of the imperialist war machine. Arms for the Libyan masses! We call for the formation of workers and soldiers councils in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Yemen,Qatar, UAE, in Palestine from the river to the sea to begin preparations to act against their own TNC’s , be they the Transitional regime in Tunisia, the military-civilian regime in Egypt, the murderous Assad regime, the fascist Netanyahu regime along with the regime of Fatah and Hamas, the butcher Bahraini regime, the murderous Saleh regime, etc.


In Israel the youth and workers in the tent camps that have sprung up all over, need to realize that the very imperialist banks that push up the price of housing, food and transport, are the same ones that gain from the genocidal destruction of the Palestinian masses. These are the same banks that benefit from the working class in the entire region being divided, so they can extract maximum profit from the oil exploitation. The fascist regime of Israel is based on the false ‘ideology’ of Zionism- it is a tool to hide the class divisions in Israeli society- the youth and workers on the one side and the Israeli bourgeoisie and imperialism on the other. The youth and workers should be on the side of the Palestinian masses against not only the Zionist regime but also against the Bantustan regimes of Hamas and Fatah- It is time to free the fighters from the prisons of Hamas, Fatah and the Zionists. To take your place side by side with the Palestinian masses -This is the choice you have to make to oppose your own ‘TNC’.


This is the starting point- the growing rebellion in Europe, Japan and the USA is being shown the way by the working class and the masses in North Africa and the Middle East. Imperialism is already shooting down the masses in DRC, Malawi, Ivory Coast, etc while police state measures are being enforced in a growing way throughout the world. Out of the programme for world socialist revolution, the ground is being laid for the refounding of the Fourth International- the revolutionary working class vanguard of the world needs to strike as one fist. Let us end this capitalist barbarism. Forward to Socialism!


Issued by WIVL affiliate of the FLTI