Preparations for a General strike against any government of austerity in Greece


The situation in Greece is critical. On the 6th May 2012 the Greek masses voted (more than 65% of the votes cast) against any government of austerity. The parties that have been leading the attack against the masses on behalf of imperialism, namely the ND and Pasok, do not have enough votes between them to form a government. The revolutionary crisis in Greece has deepened and could spark a Europe-wide uprising of the masses, on a greater scale than in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt.


The Syriza leadership (a coalition of Euro-Communists, Greens and ‘Trotskyists’, which achieved the second highest votes) is trying to escape the prominent position that they have found themselves in, thus they may seek to compromise the demand of the masses for a end to and a reversal of the austerity programme, which expresses itself in their (the masses’) demand for an anti-austerity government. We feel the immediate call should go out to prepare for a general strike if any government of austerity is formed. We call on the EEK, the Antarsya to make such a call for preparations for a General strike against any government that does not abolish and reverse the austerity programme, with the setting up of councils of workers delegates , incorporating the strike committees of the workers currently on strike.


We call  on the EEK and Antarsya to call for an anti-austerity government of worker parties, meaning the government of the Syriza, KKE and Dimar, as a means to exhaust the electoral illusions. Even in this case the call should be for workers councils to be formed. The working class revolutionary organizations, from the outside, should offer to defend the government of workers parties from fascist and imperialist attacks. This means in either case that the formation of workers councils must be made and which has to go hand in hand with the formation of a workers milita- imperialism will not just roll over and hand over power to the working class. We call for those who claim to speak on behalf of the world proletariat ( the League for the Fifth International, the COFI, International Committee of the Fourth International, the United Secretariat of the Fourth International, International Marxist Tendency, the International Socialist Organization, the FLTI, the WFTU, the ICFTU, etc) to take the lead to call for revolutionary organizations of the proletariat to gather in Greece to declare support and practical steps to assist the masses in the fight for workers power. The local trade unions such as the ADEEDY and PAME should be called upon to support the workers struggle against the Greek regime, be it to support the fight against any austerity regime or for the workers to set up their own power- this must mean a fight to remove the treacherous leaders to place the unions at the disposal of the workers fight for power.


We should also recognize the the Greek regime is not only bourgeois but also imperialist and the inextricable link between the Greek bourgeoisie and the rest of imperialism places the task of the workers taking power against the Greek bourgeoisie as central for any-anti-austerity measures. 

We from the Workers International Vanguard Party are in total solidarity with all revolutionary forces that are genuinely striving to intervene in the revolutionary crisis in Greece, to lead the masses to seize power in this imperialist heartland.


We want to assure you that the election results are merely a barometer of their rejection of the capitalist onslaught against them and of their illusions of the current electoralist, reformist parties. All indications are that the masses are with the programme of the Fourth International. In fact the world masses are with the masses in Greece. Never before, in recent history have the masses held a threat against the imperialist robbers across the world, in all their home bases.


What the moment needs is an adjusted transitional programme of demands and boldness and courage.


We are with you. The time to raise the banner of the Fourth International is now. The period of electoralism has ended. Each party that has claimed hundreds of thousands of votes, pretending that they stand for the rejection of the austerity programme, will be unmasked with the call for a workers government against the austerity. This can have no other meaning than the masses forming workers councils and establishing through this the only possible form of workers government against austerity, one that breaks with the Greek bourgeoisie and imperialism in general, in other words, that is if the electoral parties are not prepared to form the government against austerity, then the masses will do it, through workers councils and the preparation of this through a revolutionary general strike. At the centre of this programme must be the nationalization of the banks without compensation and under workers control, the immediate workers control of all foreign trade, the ending of the agreements with the Troika; the reversal of the austerity programme, the cancellation of the debt to big capital and imperialism, the nationalization of the land,etc and all these steps will lead to the seizing of control of all large scale industry, including the commercial farms, by the workers; immediate steps for the assistance of the small farmer, etc. There should be a call for the termination of claim of the Greek regime over any disputed island or territory- for the right of self-determination together with the call on the working class on these islands and disputed territories to support the Greek masses in the fight against the imperialist Greek regime.


But at the same time it would be dangerous to assume that the imperialists will remain pacifist; steps need to be taken for the setting up of armed self-defence under the control of the workers councils for a workers government against austerity. This also means that appeals must be made to win over the rank and file of the armed forces.


Central to the programme must be for the workers across Europe to remove their own austerity regimes. The Greek revolution could provide a beacon for the masses across Europe to remove their own regimes through revolutionary mass action. This is the path to a United Socialist Soviet states of Europe. An integral part of the programme must be support of the masses in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, historic Palestine, etc to establish their own power. Cut the lifeline to the murderous Syrian regime. For international worker brigades to support the Syrian masses against the Assad regime. Arms for the Syrian masses. Let the fight for workers power in Greece open the path to workers power in Syria and elsewhere.


What we are seeing is not a separate ‘Arab Spring’ and mass revolt in Europe against austerity- it is part of the same world-wide process of working class revolution against world capitalism imperialism.


The above programme should form the basis of the programme of a revolutionary working class party in Greece as indeed of a revolutionary International that such a party must be part of.


Long Live the refounding of the Fourth International

Forward to Socialism!


We are ready to give every possible support to assist the successful conclusion of the current crisis, in favour of the working class.




Workers International Vanguard Party  


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