On the military coups in Mali and Guinea-Bissau

Over the past few days there has been a military coup in Mali (22nd March) and now in Guinea-Bissau (in the second week of April). To understand why imperialism has launched these military coups against the masses, we have to look at the broader context:


The 2007-8 crisis has opened up a period where every capitalist regime is under threat. The capitalist relations in Africa has been based on super-exploitation before this period. Since 2008 there has been even greater plunder of the African masses by imperialism. It is this that is the objective basis for revolution in the region. In addition, the masses have examples of the overthrow of imperialist dictators in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. With all the problems facing the masses in these countries to take their revolution to completion, the masses in the rest of Africa are reaching the point of complete loss of faith in the current regimes. In Mali and Guinea-Bissau, there are no strong trade union bureaucracies that can betray the masses from within. Both in Mali and Guinea-Bissau, elections for president was looming. Imperialism is pre-empting the revolutionary action of the masses against discredited puppet regimes, by themselves removing them, hoping to nip the revolution in the bud. Imperialism is desperate to halt the world movement of the masses onto the path of revolution. This international consideration is what is the main motive for imperialism to launch pre-emptive coups in Mali and Guinea-Bissau.


This is why imperialism has not insisted that the existing puppets be returned to their posts as President. It is part of imperialismís plan to themselves remove discredited puppets before the masses do so.


The way forward

We call for the disbanding of the armies in Mali and Guinea-Bissau, for the rank and file soldiers to join a peopleís militia that is centred on the factories, mines and farms. This arming of the masses is necessary for the successful combat of the imperialist coup leaders and capitalist regimes. All imperialist assets should be seized , without compensation and placed under workers control. Imperialism is funding both Ďsidesí (north and south) in Mali to divide the masses in order to divert the masses from defeating the entire capitalist regime. For international worker brigades to support the masses to defeat the imperialist coup leaders and the capitalist regime. For the formation of nuclei of a revolutionary working class parties in Mali and Guinea-Bissau. [a full programme of democratic and transitional demands should be developed for Mali and Guinea-Bissau.]


To the working class in France and the USA in particular, we call for you to rise against your own regimes- your enemy is at home. Our dreams donít fit your ballot boxes. Out, all the French and US military bases from Africa. Blockade the imperialist war machinery; for workers control over the war industries and confiscation of all military profits. For general strike committees to be set up. For mass protests outside the French and US parliaments condemning the imperialist backed coups. For revolutionary working class parties in the USA and France, co-ordinating with the revolutionary workers in Mali and Guinea-Bissau, firstly, and with the vanguard of world proletariat, to strive to refound the Fourth International.


Down with the coups! Forward to revolutionary working class parties to be formed! Forward to working class power!


Workers International Vanguard Party 18.4.2012