Mandela day – another view

It’s almost 18th July and once again the capitalist press go into Mandela-hysteria once again- ‘let’s all sing praises to Madiba’, they shout from the rooftops. Let us examine the real contribution of the man:


In June 1956 (one year after the adoption of the Freedom Charter), Mandela, in the newspaper, The Liberator, gave the following interpretation about the so-called ‘nationalization clause’ of the Freedom Charter: ‘ all the monopolies shall be broken up to create a new non-European bourgeois class’.


In other words, the aim of nationalization was not to benefit the entire masses but only a tiny section of new black capitalists. Not surprising therefore, in the political negotiations, Mandela led the way to ensure that private property is entrenched (see clause 25 of the Constitution), namely that the riches gained through plunder and robbery by the monopolies like Anglo American cannot be touched (if expropriation is to take place it must be at over-inflated ‘market’ values and only on property seized after 19 June 1913 by which time the bulk of the land was already in monopoly hands). It is true that ‘the people’ are sharing because the capitalists are part of ‘the people’. It is just that according to Madiba, the ANC and Anglo American, the capitalists get the biggest share while the working class and fellow poor get next to nothing.


Further, while the monopoly capitalists have given Mandela a few crumbs and blankets to hand out, every year they carry out of the country over R1000bn in profits and in plain theft (every year up to 20% of GDP, about R600bn of the R3 trillion GDP, is taken out by Anglo American and other monopolies through transfer pricing- the deliberate under-invoicing of the value of goods exported). The hundreds of billions of apartheid debt that was built up by the previous regime, which was used to suppress the masses, the ANC and Mandela have been paying off. The Mandela presidency started the process of lowering the tax rate for capitalists from 48% to 28%, directly shifting the burden of public funds onto the impoverished masses. The ongoing plunder of the wealth being overseen by the ANC, and entrenched by Madiba, has led to the drastic shortening of the lifespan of the masses. Most workers will never reach retirement age. Millions of youth will never get work; millions of workers remain homeless or stuck in ghettoes, millions still receive slave wages. While President, Mandela came to the Cosatu Congress to insult the workers- accept GEAR (the IMF structural adjustment programme) or the ANC will abandon Cosatu. How many millions are suffering today because of the pro-capitalist agenda of Mandela and the ANC? This is the legacy of Madiba.


How ironic that Mandela and others were caught while on the Rivonia farm which was owned by zionist Goldreich. Goldreich was a proud member of the Palmach, a fascist armed force of zionism that led the slaughter of countless thousands of Palestinians in 1948 and subsequently. Israel was rewarded for its close links with Mandela through an accord signed in 1995,during the Mandela presidency, that agreed to expanded trade and cultural links, including a massive amount of arms that the ANC regime would send to Israel. It was the CIA, with its close links to the Palmach that assisted the apartheid regime to capture Mandela and others.


Mandela cannot even be called an ‘Uncle Tom’- this would be too generous- Uncle Tom never claimed to be a liberator.


Most of the diamonds from South Africa are still sent by Anglo American to Israel to be cut and polished. Coal from Anglo American mines are still that which keeps the Israel power stations operating. South African-based imperialist companies, hiding behind the Madiba democratic face, continue and expand the plunder of large tracts of Africa. Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, the DRC are direct hostages of Anglo American. SA troops , being paid by the ANC regime, R50 000 per month, guard Anglo American operations in the DRC while millions are killed around them.


Such is the real significance of ‘Mandela day’. The Cosatu leaders threaten violence against anyone who dares to criticize it. They are fond of invoking the collective. Yes, that is true, the betrayals by Mandela must be shouldered by the collective leadership of the ANC, SACP and Cosatu. Cosatu needs to break from the treacherous alliance with the capitalist ANC and SACP. We need a revolutionary working class party that is independent of big capital and the capitalist state. It must be internationalist, to face imperialism that controls not only South Africa but Southern Africa and indeed the entire Africa.


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