Our proposal for Marikana day 16th Aug 2013

Here is a proposal for what should happen on the 16th Aug 2013:
* there should be marches of mineworker communities to all the mines, raising the demand of decent housing for all, jobs for all at a living wage, expropriation of all the mines, without compensation, to be placed under workers control; in as many other areas as possible, marches to municipal or other parliamentary offices to demand: decent houses for all, the sharing of all existing accommodation such as hotels and empty buildings, the houses of the rich, with the homeless masses; where marches are not possible, we propose discussions be held in communities, at workplaces, at schools and universities on the significance of this day, including the need to break the alliance with the ANC government and the need to set up a revolutionary working class party, nationally and internationally;
* we remember on this day, the ANC government planned and executed 34 mineworkers, injuring many others, on the instruction by Anglo American;
* the Cosatu leaders deliberately isolated the mineworkers through rumours that they were being led by thugs;
*Amcu, riding on the wave of workers revolt, assisted to neutralise the political revolt against the system, by helping to turn it into an economic fight only;
* the workers, employed and unemployed, united into their own committees, irrespective of union or political affiliation- this was a revolt against the system- such is the spirit which should be carried forward to all struggles now

We reject any commemoration by Cosatu leaders or ANC govt- indeed, this day does not belong to unions. The ANC govt is preparing a 'not guilty' verdict against the killers- the police, their commanders like Phiyega and Mthethwa, Zuma, the bosses of Lonmin, the bosses of Anglo American. This is why they want to shift the venue of the hearings to Pretoria, away from Rustenburg.

Justice for the Marikana mineworkers will only come through a total overthrow of the captalist system. We need, worker and unemployed, irrespective of country of origin, to unite against the government and the capitalist-imperialist rulers.

Uniting the struggles of the unemployed (such as for service delivery) with the employed- this is what we should place on the order of the day

9th Aug 2013 (amended 12th August 2013) Workers International Vanguard Party

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