Marikana day commemorations 16 Aug 2013


We support the call for a moment of silence at 4pm (Central Africa time) today in remembrance of the 34 mineworkers massacred by the government at Marikana. Let us all take to the streets with our placards. We note that, now the ANC govt has tasted blood, it is no different from the DA and other capitalist parties. In fact, the recent joint military exercises between SANDF and the US military under the wing of Africom, ie the very imperialists who were behind the massacres in Egypt by the military, shows that these massacres are set to continue. We reject the so-called 'mining peace accord'- this accord, which allows the military and police to be deployed on the mines in defence of Anglo American, has nothing to do with peace, but is a declaration of war on the mineworkers, mineworker communities and the masses in general. We will also be pledging our solidarity with the masses in Egypt.

Workers International Vanguard Party

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For those near Athlone, we will be gathering at the Trojan Horse memorial ('no more state masacres' is the slogan painted there) at 4pm today. Join us or go into the streets wherever you are.