Down with any imperialist invasion or intervention in Syria

Let us state clearly that imperialism has never had, nor ever will have any regard for human life. Its rise is littered with the corpses of millions of the masses. Over 100 000 have been butchered by the imperialist puppet Assad and now imperialism want everyone to believe that somehow some ‘red line’ has been crossed when over 1000 have been gassed to death- this is a big lie.

Hundreds of millions use cellphones, yet most of  the raw material for it comes from the DRC where over 6 million people have died at the hands of militias and armies that are funded by imperialism. Where is the ‘red line’ in the DRC? It does not exist. As long as imperialist backed forces can kill with impunity, their ‘universal human values’ are in their back pocket.

Recently declassified documents of the CIA now reveal that in the 1980’s the US regime not only knew that Saddam was using nerve gas on his opponents and the Iranian soldiers he was fighting against, but they aided and directed such attacks. During the 8 year long Iran-Iraq war, US imperialism became aware that a West German firm was supplying Saddam with nerve gas components. It is likely that US imperialism had links with this firm because they did not act against it nor did they shut it down. US imperialism handed the information over to Saddam of where Iranian troops were gathering and their movement of equipment. US imperialism knew that Saddam was going to use nerve gas on the Iranian soldiers. Thus, the first widespread use of nerve gas, after the second world imperialist war, was directed by US imperialism. Thus the allegation that Assad has now crossed a ‘red line’ is just an excuse for imperialism to carry out its attacks, using the gas attack as a cover behind which to hide.

Further, when US imperialism decided to invade Iraq in 2003, they knew that Saddam had had weapons of mass destruction that had been supplied by US imperialism itself. Thousands of US and allied soldiers died in Iraq because of the lie that US imperialism had peddled.

Further, when Saddam had been charged with gassing Kurds in northern Iraq, US imperialism hid from view that they knew and approved of the actions, overseeing even the supply of nerve gas to Saddam.  The world supply of nerve gas is tightly controlled and no neo-colony can get hold of this material without the approval of imperialism. Saddam was executed for these attacks on the Kurds but the real killers, the leaders of US imperialism still walk free and direct, even today, more attacks on the world masses. Where are the ‘universal human values’ that Obama talks about, when it comes to following up the handlers of Saddam?

Assad or the FSA or any other pro-imperialist faction could not have gotten hold of nerve gas without the approval of imperialism. Thus whoever used it on the Syrian masses could only have done it with the approval of imperialism. If it was the FSA leaders or bourgeois opposition factions, imperialism will not admit it because the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish regimes will come under much greater pressure from the masses on their home soil. Even in the USA itself, if it became known that US imperialism was aiding a faction that was deliberately using nerve gas, it would most likely lead to widespread mass protests against the US regime.

The Assad regime has been hosting torture prisons of the CIA; thus even in the case of the Assad regime having nerve gas, US imperialism was either the indirect supplier or knew about these weapons and turned their eyes the other way when Assad was acquiring them. Even so, even Assad would not have used such weapons if he did not have the blessing of imperialism. Total supplies the diesel and jet fuel for tanks and planes. If imperialism really objected to any action of Assad, they would have cut his fuel lifeline. [Syria produces crude oil but does not have the necessary and sufficient refining capacity. Up to late last year at least, and possibly still today, Total and Shell supplied diesel and jet fuel to the Assad regime].

Our call

We call on the masses, firstly in the USA and other imperialist centres to mobilise and organise mass protests against any pending attacks in Syria. For the masses in the Middle East, the best support you can give the Syrian masses is to rise up in protest against your own regimes, who are all puppets of imperialism. Internationally, we call for widespread anti-war protests against any imperialist intervention or possible invasion of Syria.

What the real motives of imperialism are, should become clearer over the next period. Many countries in the region are unstable- does imperialism want to depose Assad like they did of their puppet Saddam in Iraq? Or are they going through the motions of a symbolic attack while continuing to support Assad? Either way, the real enemy of imperialism is not Assad but the Syrian masses and the masses in the region and indeed the world masses. Imperialism may depose Assad and impose a ‘Sisi’, -either way, if Assad is still supported by imperialism or they install a new puppet, imperialism wants to crush the revolt of the masses. We stand with the revolutionary Syrian masses, against Al Nusrah, FSA leaders, SNC, Assad or any bourgeois faction that wants to hijack or divert the Syrian revolution. Imperialism has drawn the lessons from Libya and elsewhere- they want to prevent at all costs that the masses anywhere come to power by their own revolutionary mass action. Such a revolution would show the way to all the world’s masses and world capitalism would be under threat. This is what guides the imperialist strategy in Syria as indeed anywhere on the planet.

We strong condemn most of the world’s ‘left’ who either support Assad or the bourgeois opposition forces. The world’s ‘left’ are to blame for the paralysis among the masses over the Syrian question. It is overdue for a new revolutionary working class international, to be founded. Forward to the reconstruction of the Fourth International, drawing the lessons of the past periods of working class struggles.



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