Open letter to the workers in South Africa on the case of Khader Adnan and all other thousands of Palestinians held in detention in the zionist gulags


We appeal to you because you and your mothers and fathers were the ones who spearheaded the fight against the apartheid regime- we rose up, even though most of us were not ANC or PAC members, to defend the many thousands who were brutalised by the system through detention without trial and other harsh and inhuman methods.


In those days the church leaders used to rush to be seen at the head of marches to demand the freedom of those held in the gulags of the old regime. Today when Khader Adan, a Palestinian, is on 66 days of hunger strike, and could die at any moment, is being detained without trial, just like the ANC and PAC was in those days. Yet, the religious leaders are silent- they promote Table mountain while millions who live at the foot of it are dying of starvation; they count their millions gained from halaal certificates while the masses do not have even a cent to buy anything. The ANC leaders, many long held in the apartheid gulag, and many held without trial, are today silent. The ANC even chairs the UN Security Council but are more concerned with disarming the Libyan militias than disarming the real threat to humanity in the Middle East, the Zionist regime. The diesel that Assad uses to run his tanks and army comes from the US and other imperialists who control the UN Security Council. [Syria imports most of its refined oil products from imperialist companies like Shell, Total, etc] The very weapons that Assad uses for his massacres come not only from Russia but also the USA. Yet the ANC, sitting at the head of the Security council says nothing- is a puppet of US imperialism. South African Navi Pillay heads the UN Human Rights council, but says the Libyan militias are a threat to peace, but nuclear-armed Israel is apparently not- the UN have done nothing, not even a slap on the wrists, let alone sanctions against Israel for their inhumane and barbaric practice of detention without trial. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine came and went- the leaders of Cosatu cried crocodile tears and even today are silent on the case of Khader Adnan.


This why we call on you the workers, who work on the docks in Durban that allows coal for Israel from Anglo American mines; you are the ones who mine the diamonds and coal on Anglo American mines that keep Israel artificially alive. We appeal to you to take action, do not let Khader Adnan die. His heart and brain is already irreparably damaged from the hunger strike, but you as the workers, you have the power- stop the lifeblood of fascist Israel because they are stopping the lifeblood of the Palestinians.


Let us all take to the streets in protest. Let us besiege the offices of the churches and the trade unions expressing our outrage at their silence and complicity.


We are all Khader Adnan! We are all Palestinian!

21 .2.2012