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Palestine’s Berlin wall moment:

Why we should all be marching (Friday 25th July 2014) International Quds Day:

1989 was marked by the fall of the Berlin wall, when the masses from East Germany, tore down the Berlin wall and toppled their own regime. What a pity that the masses from West Germany did not do the same to their own regime too.

Friday 25th July 2014, when there will be marches in many countries around the globe, offers a historic opportunity to begin the process of tearing down the checkpoints and apartheid wall in and around the West bank and indeed , even Gaza.

At least 50 000 marchers are expected from Ramallah and surrounds to march to the checkpoints which separate East from West Jerusalem. Has the Berlin wall moment arrived for the Palestinian and Jewish masses?

At least 50 Israeli soldiers (we are sure there are many more) have openly declared that they are against the Israeli army, they regard it as an oppressive army. This is not a passive pacifist statement, but an active act of solidarity with the Palestinian masses and a clarion call against the genocide in Gaza. What is also highly significant is that most of these refuseniks are women. When the women start to stand up against a regime, its days are numbered.

We make a simple call, from WIVP, on the broader Jewish masses, on the Egyptian masses, on the Syrian masses on the Lebanese masses to join with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, on 25th July, to brick by brick, stone by stone, to tear down the apartheid barriers. Let us sweep aside those regimes who want to keep us separated.

Recently, the International Solidarity Movement, ISM, revealed that the Israeli army deliberately falsified pictures in order to justify the bombing of the el-Wafa hospital in Gaza. To the Israeli soldier under arms, is this what you stand for? We call on you to join the heroic women who stood up against the Netanyahu regime, lay down your weapons and help dismantle the apartheid barriers. Jews, Muslims and Christians were once neighbours, living in peace. Let us join hands against the capitalist elite, wherever they are.

Let the worker, whether Jew or Arab, set up their own councils. We do not support the targeting of civilians. We stand against the major oppressor regime and we stand against the local elite who want to use us so they can be bantustan leaders. Workers of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains! We have a world to win! Forward to Socialism!

Workers International Vanguard Party 24.7.2014 www.workersinternational.org.za email workersinternational@gmail.com ph or sms [27] 822020617