Rammulutsi Rehata MMoho Crisis Committee statement


A few months ago the masses in Rammulutsi were at the forefront of exposing the hypocrisy of the ANC government who was criticizing the capitalist DA about building open toilets, when in Viljoenskroon, the ANC was doing the same thing.

After the exposure the ANC quickly built up enclosures to cover their backsides. But the fact remains, these toilets do not even work. They have unhealthy asbestos enclosures and the doors do not even close properly. This shows what the government thinks of the people.

On the 17th September 2010 the Free State Premier, Ace Magashule, promised the masses in Rammulutsi that there would be re-development starting within 3 weeks and that by the end of 2010 that people would be in their houses. People of the area were promised jobs. The masses are still waiting. Many stay in informal settlements and in backyards under very difficult conditions.

Only a few houses were built and many of these are being put up for sale. These houses do not have electricity. How can the unemployed, pensioners and low paid workers afford this?

Now the government wants to re-register people- now they are telling people to wait for 2014, others are being told to wait for 2015. Some are being denied access to the application forms. How long must we wait while the capitalists profit today and everyday- the government sees to that.

We as the Rammulutsi Crisis Committee are going to march to the council offices on the 31st May 2012. We demand that the Premier be present to receive our demands and to answer our questions.

No more lies!

Nationalize the mines and the banks- houses for all!

Away with the demarcation process- this is just for self-interest of the middle class (amabhulu omnyama)- disband the provinces- jobs for all!


Contact Bramage Sekete Rammulutsi Crisis Committee ph 0710248768 for further details.