Syriza betrays the masses; mobilize delegates to Syntagma square to reconvene the assemblies

On Friday 10th July 2015 the Syriza decisively turned its back on the masses who only 5 days before voted overwhelmingly to reject the new ‘deal’ with imperialism. Syriza, but for 17 of its deputies, voted for the same plan that was rejected by the masses. Syriza formed an alliance with the hated Pasok and New Democracy, the very ones who had been rejected and defeated at the recent polls. Indeed, Syriza has formed a bloc with the imperialist ECB, the European Commission and the IMF against the masses. Syriza is showing itself not as a Socialist bloc but a popular, multi-class front tying the masses to the apron strings of capitalism. With all other parliamentary parties discredited by their attacks on the masses, imperialism has played one of its last few cards, namely, to use Syriza as the new means to control the masses.

The very parliament itself, that by this vote has shown its true nature, is nothing else but the dictatorship of the minority, the capitalists and imperialists, against the majority, the working class and the broader masses. Can parliament bring anything for the masses? NO. Imperialism is undermining and insulting the Greek masses and the masses in Europe.

One of the main lessons of the 61% NO vote on the 5th July was that the Greek masses are not alone. On the same day there were demonstrations in Brussels and in many cities across Europe. The masses in Europe are tired of the austerity attacks by imperialism. Unity in action against world imperialism is growing.

Secondly, despite the unity of all of world imperialism, the media, the bourgeois professors, the trade union leaders, the KKE, the church leaders, every bourgeois agency on the planet, including the Greek capitalist class, the Greek masses stood firm and rejected the attacks. The chains of fear have been cast off. The combative masses in Greece stand tall, taking to the streets, to shape its own future. The left who have been justifying the ‘revolutionary’ nature of Syriza are themselves exposed.

A proposed way forward: reconvene the assemblies in Syntagma square

We call for meetings at all workplaces, in all streets and blocks in residential areas and military barracks (from the rank and file soldiers) to urgently elect delegates. These delegates should be sent from around the country to Syntagma square, to reconstitute the assemblies.

We propose that the basis of the election of delegates should be agreement on as a minimum:

1.       Immediate cancellation of the debt, which is supported by the Truth Committee on debt – a state committee which stated that the debt is odious and illegal;

2.       Nationalisation of the banks and immediate workers’ control over all foreign transactions and of the banks themselves;

3.       Rejection of the new memorandum and all past memoranda with imperialism;

On this basis, anyone who agrees with this programme should be invited to the assemblies so that the masses can set up their own power, in opposition to parliament. These assemblies should be empowered to take any steps to defend the interests of the masses, defend the 61% NO vote of 5th July and to take any measures they see fit to place the interest of the working class and the broader masses first and above that of the minority of capitalists and imperialism. If the capitalist and imperialist attempt any step against the masses, the assemblies should be take concrete steps to defend the masses, such as seizing any workplace where the bosses dare to retrench or not pay workers. If they attempt to starve the masses, the food supply should be placed under workers’ control, etc.

We salute and support the call of the EEK for an all-Europe conference of workers’ delegates in Athens on the 18th July. The assemblies should ensure they send delegates to this conference so that a Europe-wide programme of action can be worked out and a real united left workers’ party be set up.

Cancel the debt; cancel austerity; for a united workers Socialist states of Europe!

12.7.2015 issued by Workers International Vanguard party. Email:  ph/sms/whatsapp: +27 822020617