On the shooting down of the Malaysian plane over Ukraine-      imperialism attempts to discredit the resistance

The imperialist-capitalist press is up in arms over the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger jet on the 16th July 2014. However, there are a number of factors which point to a deliberate shooting down of the jet by imperialist forces in order to discredit not only the Ukrainian resistance but also the Palestinian resistance and indeed any force that is resisting imperialism capitalism.

Passenger jets normally fly at altitudes of 10km or more, much higher than the capability of the resistance in Ukraine who are armed only with peashooters and whatever they could get from the fascist controlled army. The capitalist press claims that a ‘militia commander’ , a certain Igor Strelkov, was directly responsible for shooting down the plane (having mistaken it for a Ukrainian military jet). They say he is a serving colonel in the Russian army.

Now why would Russia want to shoot down a passenger jet? What would it gain by this? Russia would face severe condemnation and isolation. No, they had no reason and would gain nothing by such an act. Russia has the technical capacity to distinguish a military from a passenger jet. No, Russia would not order such an act.

There is also the claim that Igor Strelkov is part of the Russian military. Russia has been very strenuous to deny arms and deny any support for the resistance in Ukraine. Some in the Ukrainian resistance have looked to Russia to provide them with arms but have been bitterly disappointed as nothing was forthcoming. In fact Russia stepped up military controls at its border with Ukraine to prevent arms from reaching the resistance in Ukraine. [Crimea is a de facto Russian military base and is strategically important to the Russian elite- this does not imply a support for the Ukrainian masses in general by the Russian elite]. In the light of the blockade by Russia against the Ukrainian resistance, why would they supply an experienced colonel to assist them? This is a contradiction and shows up the lie the capitalist press is trying to put out, namely that the Ukrainian resistance has the capable military personnel, experience and hardware to shoot down a passenger jet flying at 10 km or more above the ground.

The only ones with the trained personnel and military capability of shooting down a jet flying at 10 km in the sky, is the Ukrainian army, which is under fascist control. Thus there is a direct line to US imperialism and imperialism in general to the shooting down of the jet. The question is why.

Imperialism is trying to discredit all resistance forces that are opposed to it

Imperialism has fought many wars where many millions have been killed in their name. Thus they have a track record of killing the innocent to justify any step they wish to take. It is quite possible that the Ukrainian fascist regime shot down the passenger jet and then blamed it on the resistance.

The masses in Ukraine do not support the fascist regime. There is a crisis of leadership for imperialism in that there are no credible leaders who can keep the masses under control for exploitation. Thus brute force methods are required for imperialism, hence they have set up a fascist regime which uses brute force to maintain control. But they also require to disperse and discredit the resistance to its regime. This is why the jet was shot down and blamed on the resistance, namely the Ukrainian regime and imperialism in general want to portray the grassroots resistance to it, that has self-armed, as barbaric and inhuman. Imperialism is preparing for a greater military onslaught to attempt to destroy the resistance. The shooting of the plane provides the cover for Nato or any other imperialist force to be deployed against the resistance. This barbaric event was created by imperialism to attempt to discredit the resistance. Imperialism wants to send in more armed forces to slaughter the largely unarmed masses in Ukraine that are opposed to the fascist regime. The shooting down of the passenger jet by imperialism provides the international justification for a pending genocide against the Ukrainian masses. Imperialism-capitalism is facing opposition around the world and has no way of putting out the flames. Thus we see the increasing reliance by imperialism of fascist measures. Fascist measures also open up the possibility of revolution as the entire masses could be swept up into opposition to the capitalist regime.

If the masses were to take over Ukraine, not only are all capitalist regimes in the region threatened by their own masses, but also the Russian regime would also be threatened by the masses on home soil. World capitalist relations would be threatened. [it is also theoretically possible that the Russian regime, with the agreement of US imperialism, could have sent someone with the military experience and armament to deliberately perpetrate this act in order to discredit the resistance from within. We have not seen any evidence of such military capability in the hands of the resistance, however.]

But there is also an international dimension to the shooting down of the passenger jet, namely that imperialism wants to discredit all mass resistance to it. The timing of the downing of the jet, just hours before the land invasion of the genocidal Zionist army into Gaza, also raises questions. Imperialism aims to discredit all resistance to it. The Ukrainian resistance and by implication the masses in Gaza are painted with the same brush, both are being portrayed as being barbaric and inhuman by the imperialist press. Thus the downing of the jet redirects the opinion of the masses in the world, away from the genocide now being committed in Gaza, towards support for fascist forces, like the Ukrainian regime, the Zionist regime and towards world imperialism in general. The unspoken message to the masses of the world is that the masses in Gaza are barbaric and inhuman and that the invasion is ‘justified’.

Front page and many pages are devoted to the Ukraine passenger jet while the genocide in Gaza is relegated to the side-lines by the world imperialist capitalist press. The Ukrainian jet is also being used by imperialism to undermine and weaken the world protest against the genocide in Gaza.

Imperialism is preparing to go on the offensive. Already, the French imperialist regime has banned pro-Palestinian rallies in France. Fascism and brute force are the acts of desperation by world imperialism capitalism that is fighting for its survival. We need to strengthen the resistance to the fascist and other capitalist regimes around the globe, not least against the imperialist regimes that sustain the fascists around the world.

The genuine Socialists and Communists need to unite in a new revolutionary International. We fight the same common enemy. Workers of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains! We have a world to win. Forward to Socialism!

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