Mayday 2015- a call for workers’ unity


The working class faces grave danger. The world capitalist economy is stagnating and the only way for monopoly capital to continue to make profits is by taking away more and more from the working class. This is why capitalist governments are reducing the taxes that big companies pay and cutting the benefits to the masses. The ANC govt shamelessly only ‘increased’ pensions by R60 which is 4%. The Journal of Southern African Studies reports that the theft by the mining monopolies like Anglo American, through transfer pricing and other means, has increased since 1994. Every year hundreds of billions of Rands are stolen by the mining giants. Yet the govt does nothing about this but pleads poverty and hits out at public sector workers, claiming a 4,8% is all they can afford.

The Cosatu leaders want us to believe that it is only individual cabinet ministers who are to blame. Yet, the entire Cabinet sits and approves policy. Zuma, Rob Davies and billionaire capitalist Ramaphosa said nothing when the budget was announced saying that R60 is enough for our pensioners. In fact, they stood up in parliament and gave the Minister of Finance a standing ovation.

These same ANC leaders who also think that 4,8% is enough for public sector workers, are the main speakers at Mayday rallies. Imagine, Ramaphosa, who still has blood on his hands from the Marikana massacre where an elite police unit massacred 34 mineworkers,  wants to tell us how he supports workers’ rights!


In the Cosatu Mayday leaflets, the Cosatu leaders, who are openly leaders of the ANC and SACP, are labelling Numsa as a cancer and comparing it to the fascist Inkatha union, Uwusa. In other words, they are calling on Cosatu members to take up arms to physically attack Numsa members. They are calling on workers to join Limusa, which means weakening and dividing metalworkers.  We should not allow the ANC and SACP to instigate fighting of worker against worker.

Attacking Numsa will play into the hands of the capitalist class as worker will be fighting worker while the capitalist state will accelerate its attack on the masses. The ANC and SACP leaders want to make it easy for the state to impose low wages on the public sector and other workers. The real reason why ANC and SACP want workers to attack and crush Numsa is that they want to have the exclusive right to ride on the backs of workers, to a life of privileges in parliament and business.

Numsa was expelled from Cosatu because their rank and file wanted to end the parasitism of the ANC and SACP leaders. Workers have a long tradition of political unionism. To pretend that Cosatu does not take political positions is to falsify our own history. So why is it so wrong that workers in Numsa have said that Numsa cannot be apolitical, cannot be just another independent union? They have correctly identified that the main instrument of capitalist rule in South Africa is the ANC and SACP.

For those with short memories we remind you that not too long ago when the public sector was on strike against the low wage offer of the ANC govt, it was the threat of a secondary strike by the industrial unions such as Fawu and Numsa that stopped the govt in their tracks. Now today the ANC and SACP leaders want us as workers to forget that. Very soon, workers will again need the organised might of Numsa and Fawu to help win our demands against the capitalist policies of the govt.

Numsa and other unions should send message of support to the workers at the Cosatu rallies, pledging to mobilise support in the fight against the capitalist policies of the government. On the other hand, where Numsa and other organizations are marching to parliament or against govt policies such as the privatization of Eskom, workers should send delegations to support these marches. It is not about a numbers game as the capitalist press wants us to believe. Our central principle is how to win unity of workers in action against the capitalist and their state.

Is the climate of violence that is being created by the ANC and SACP leaders also being supported by the capitalist so that workers are too destabilised to act when the final Marikana Commission report is issued and all the police and mining bosses and political leaders who were responsible for the massacre, get off free, without charges? The state will not jail the murderers because then the jails will be full of the police as they are killing the masses daily. Anglo American and the other capitalist masters need a killing machine. 4 community leaders in Boiketlong were jailed for 16 years for standing up for decent housing, while Oscar Pistorius, who killed his partner gets 3 years. The police at Marikana will not even be charged! WORKERS UNITE! DON’T LET THE ANC AND SACP LEADERS DIVIDE US! LET US BUILD UNITY IN ACTION, IN DEFENCE OF PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS, AGAINST ESKOM INCREASES, AGAINST LOW WAGES. LET US BREAK OUR LINKS WITH THE LABOUR BROKERS AND BILLIONAIRE CAPITALIST MINISTERS! TRULY, WE NEED A NEW, REVOLUTIONARY WORKING CLASS PARTY- HOW ELSE WILL WE ACHIEVE SOCIALISM? WE NEED TO UNITE IN ACTION WITH OUR CLASS BROTHERS AND SISTERS ACROSS AFRICA AND AROUND THE WORLD! GREECE WILL NOT GO DOWN! WE CALL ON THE WORKERS IN EUROPE TO RISE UP AND COME TO THE RESCUE OF THE MASSES IN GREECE! WORKERS OF AFRICA UNITE AGAINST ALL CAPITALIST PUPPET REGIMES OF IMPERIALISM! SOCIALISM WILL ONLY COME THROUGH REVOLUTIONARY MASS ACTION OUTSIDE AND AGAINST PARLIAMENT! WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE, WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT OUR CHAINS! WE HAVE A WORLD TO WIN. 1.5.2015

Issued by Workers International Vanguard Party; 1st floor, Community House, 41 Salt River rd Salt River 7925

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