All to Ramses Square

Noting that the military regime has hundreds of protestors trapped in a mosque in Ramses Square Cairo, we raise the call for tens of thousands to unite and go there to assist those trapped inside to leave. With nightfall approaching, the military regime is planning another massacre. All those in separate demonstrations in Cairo, should form a united front and head to the square. Take your cellphone cameras and if possible torches and lights.

But beyond this, appeals to should go out to the rank and file soldiers to join the protestors. It is important to start to lay the ground work, setting up united front committees of delegates from factories and residential areas of the masses, irrespective of religious or political affiliation. This is to begin to prepare the way for a general strike to bring down the military regime and to set up working class power. It is only a workers government that can guarantee full democratic rights by seizing the wealth of the commanding heights and placing these under workers’ control. Those who call for new elections or a Constituent Assembly should realize that the only power that can guarantee this is the working class in power- in other words, the military regime has to be overthrown first.

We salute those who have come out in protest around the world against US imperialism and its massacres in Egypt.

The military regime is starting by arresting the steel worker representatives and the Muslim Brotherhood, but in the end all those who oppose the military regime will be targeted. Are we to allow the Mubarak regime to return? No.

All to Ramses Square; form strike committees; prepare for a general strike; down with the military regime; forward to a workers’ government.

17.8.2013. WIVP email website