Boycott the call of the Egyptian military; stay at home on Friday 26th July

The Egyptian revolution is in danger. General Sisi made the call on Thursday 25th July for the masses to come out in numbers on Friday 26th July so that they can go a crackdown on the protestors who have been in the streets from the 3rd July (many of them were out since 30th June). Despite there being an interim government, the General Sisi made the call, showing clearly that the military is the real power.

The military wants blood to flow in the streets, they want to turn the Nile red. Their aim, having declared a state of emergency today, is to not only crush the protestors of the Muslim Brotherhood, but anyone who dares challenge them. The capitalist newspapers are already declaring Sisi their new Pinochet. That the Saudi, Kuwaiti and Emirates regimes support the Egyptian military is a clear indication that US imperialism is the real driving force behind the coup regime. We should not allow imperialism to drown the Egyptian revolution in blood.

That the US regime delayed sending F16’s to the Egyptian military is to just hide the fact that they are plotting every step that Sisi and his generals take.

We condemn the self-appointed Tamarod leaders who support the call of the military to crackdown on the protestors of the Muslim Brotherhood. These facebook Tamarod leaders even support the military labelling of the protestors as ‘terrorists’. They overlook that many of the interim government and the generals were part of the Mubarak regime. It is the military generals that have their hands dripping in blood of the Egyptian masses. We call on the local Tamarod groups to break with their pro-military leadership.

The way forward

When Mandela was being harassed by the apartheid regime it was a duty to defend him from the state even though we knew that he was a sellout and never really stood for the interests of the masses. So today, we say, Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood members should be defended against attacks from the military.

Thus we call for the masses to defy the military and to stay at home. We cannot call the masses to go to the demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood as they are demanding that Mursi be reinstated as President- the masses oppose that.

Rather, we call for immediate mobilisation for a future demonstration against the military regime. The masses did not fight against Mubarak and against Morsi to have a military dictatorship. We call for workplace and street and block committees to be formed with delegates irrespective of party affiliation, and calling for delegates from rank and file soldiers to join them- let these councils of delegates set up a new government, subject to instant recall, without privileges.

The centre of the programme of this workers government should be

·         All power to the grassroots committees

·         Expropriate all the capitalists without compensation, placing all workplaces and large farms commercial under workers control- this is the way to get jobs, food, low prices, and decent housing for all

·         Nationalise the land; give small farmers cheap credit, training and the best equipment

·         Set up workers tribunals to put on trial all the remnants of the old Mubarak regime, including the generals, for their crimes against the masses

·         Disband the military regime

A word of caution: the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood are already looking for a way to demobilise the masses and make a deal with the military. The protests should continue until the military regime is totally disbanded.

We call on those who were part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the masses who are rising in support of justice for Trayvon Martin, to rise up against the US regime, they are the ones who are really driving the military dictatorship in Egypt.

Forward to revolutionary working class parties in Egypt, USA and worldwide as part of a revolutionary International.

Forward to Socialism!