A call to action in defence of Gaza-                                                     stop the imperialist-backed genocide!

The discovery that 2 of the Israeli soldiers, who died in their Operation Genocide in Gaza, are from the USA, reveals some important points: There is such a reluctance among the youth to volunteer for this war that the Zionists had to call on their supporters around the world as they could not get enough volunteers locally. The deep split and growing class consciousness among the Jewish masses in Israel is also reflected by the tent cities they set up months ago to protest against their own regime’s failure to provide them with housing. Then, while not supporting Palestinians, they were at least not opposing them nor calling for the destruction of Palestinian homes. Now, there is the start of demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Haifa, calling for an end to the genocide. What was a theoretical possibility a few days ago, has now happened, the start of a united action of Jewish and Palestinian masses against the Netanyahu regime and the 1%. Tactical and strategic consequences follow from this, but we deal with this later in this article.

The repression of the Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank by the PA, has now increasingly shown that in the face of genocide, that Abbas stands with his imperialist and Zionist masters.

Imperialism is preparing for a long war of slaughter in Gaza

The Zionists are preparing to have a fascist rally in Johannesburg on Sunday 27th July, to try and rebuild their shattered image and to try and gather support to broaden their fascist base in SA and the world. This means they are preparing for a long onslaught. Despite the severity of the genocidal attack on Gaza, and despite the radical-sounding statements by the ANC government and other bourgeois governments around the world, none of them have expelled their respective Israeli ambassador, they merely called them in for a cup of tea. Then Zuma issued a statement condemning ‘both sides’, thus preparing the way for further attack and isolation of the Palestinian masses. Even Ban ki Moon is singing this song. If the Israeli ambassador was to be expelled, it means that this break in diplomatic relations would be for a long time- this is too much for the imperialists.

Thus all factors point to a plan by imperialism for a long genocidal onslaught against the masses in Gaza. This is the start of Nakba part 2.

Draft proposals for action in defence of the masses in Gaza

We salute the bravery of the Palestinians in the West Bank for their protests against the genocide. How to take this further? A call could be made to the Palestinians in Jordan to come over and assist in a campaign to dismantle all the checkpoints. Thus the path opens also to depose the local sidekick of the Zionists, the PA and for the setting up of workers’ councils and councils of peasants, working hand in hand with one another.

A call should be made on the Jewish masses to join in the breaking down of the apartheid wall.

We call on the masses in Egypt, to this Friday, 25th July, Quds day, to march to the Rafah border and to break it down and to give every possible material support to assist the masses to resist the genocidal forces of the Israeli army.

We call on the masses in Syria to mobilise to re-take the Golan Heights and expel the Israeli army.

We call on the Lebanese masses to come to the rescue of the masses in Gaza by launching an offensive against military targets in the north.

In SA and elsewhere in the world, on the 25th July 2014, International Quds day, we support the marches against the governments. Here in SA we demand the immediate recall of the Zuma govt, they must all go. How can zuma sing the song of the imperialists that there are ‘2 sides’ when the 4th biggest army in the world is slaughtering a largely unarmed population? Let us protest against the Zionist rally in Johannesburg; let us not allow fascism to take root here again!

In a war, it is not a matter of pride, but of tactics to win. Surely, it is massively inefficient to shoot little missiles into the air from Gaza when the masses do not have anything to defend themselves. What little arms there are should be given to the Palestinian masses to confront the tanks in front of their eyes. Even further, such a move should be combined with a simple call on the Israeli masses to rise in large numbers against their own regime, who live in luxury hotels, each eating 14 kg of ice cream a month, dreaming of their profits in their tax-free off-shore accounts. We salute those who protested in Tel Aviv and Haifa, but let it spread to every corner. But the conversation with these Israeli masses is made difficult because the Zionist point to the little missiles coming over and falling in the sand, to perpetuate the lie that Israel is under attack when indeed they are the aggressor. The very ones who could be our allies, or at minimum who could maintain a passive neutrality, are driven into the arms of the reactionaries. We call on the Israeli soldier: in whose interest are you fighting? The Palestinians are your natural allies against the hated Netanyahu regime. Refuse, resist and rise up against your commanders and the ice cream monster. The richest man in Israel, Ofer, worth $6 bn, holds his funds off-shore and is busy moving to London, such little faith does he have in Israel. Are you fighting and dying for him to make more billions to drill for gas off the shores of Gaza? Wake up!

In Germany, Britain, France, the US, Japan, the discussion by the pro-Palestine movement with the rest of the masses is made more difficult by these little missiles. In fact in SA, the Zionists are using these excuses to attempt to build a fascist movement here. If all the firepower is concentrated only on the Zionist tanks and military targets and not on civilians, the possibility increases tenfold of more of the broad masses around the world joining up with the pro-Palestine movement. Imperialism has made a massive mistake here by their attempted genocide in Gaza; let us use this mistake of theirs to shake, if not shatter the capitalist regimes around the world and bury the Zionist ideology once and for all.

This is another contribution for consideration in these trying times.

Workers of the world unite, we have nothing to lose but our chains, we have a world to win. Forward to Socialism!

22.7.2014  Workers International Vanguard Party

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