On the crash of the military plane at Giantís castle

Our hearts go out to the families of the soldiers killed in the air crash on Thursday 6 Dec 2012. The entire incident shows the disdain that the govt has for the soldiers.

1.    There are military bases in the Eastern Cape; so why was the guarding of the Mthatha airport not simply just left in their hands? Why fly the teams from across the country? If it was really necessary to send soldiers from Pretoria, why did they not just hop on the usually half-empty flights from OR Tambo airport to Mthatha?

2.    Since the 1930ís, virtually every year there are major accidents involving DC-3ís; these planes may have been a vast improvement of their erstwhile predecessors, but flight technology has moved on greatly since then- the planes do not have pressurised cabins so you cannot fly too high as you will simply not be able to breathe; the radar systems are either non-existent or if the plane has been modified, very basic; the plane is very sensitive to changes in centre of gravity (eg if all the passengers got up at the same time and went to a different part of the plane, it could cause the plane to spin out of control);The EU was considering banning DC-3ís as far back as 2008 due to safety concerns- put simply, these planes are very old and metal fatigue becomes an increasing factor with each flight;

3.    If the aim was to give flight practice to some pilots then surely other avenues could have been followed under a more controlled environment, such as airshows or flights when weather is not a concern;

4.    The plane went missing at 945am; why did it take almost a day to find the wreckage? Surely in any crash scenario, time is of the essence?

No doubt, some opportunist capitalist will see a business opportunity out of this tragedy- you will soon see tenders for the purchase of new aircraft.

The bottom line is that these tragic deaths were preventable. The ANC-govt is anti-worker and is anti-soldier. They are safe in their luxury bunkers in Sandton and Nkandla, allowing Anglo American to strip the wealth of the country while the masses suffer untold hardship. This is the meaning of the Ďnational democratic revolutioní.