World imperialism is our biggest enemy!

Today, the giant monopolies such as the oil companies, the arms manufacturers, the banks, etc, control the world economy. These partnerships of the giant companies and banks is what we call imperialist companies. These giant monopolies and banks control the state apparatus in all countries. This is why we cannot depend on capitalist governments to implement sanctions against Israel. These imperialists control the SA economy as well and every year over R200 Billion is sent back overseas as profits to these corporations and banks.


During the mass uprising in SA from 1984 onwards the imperialists funded armed thugs in the form of Inkatha and over 20 000 people were killed in Kzn alone. There is strong evidence that the new Iraqi regime, with the full backing of US imperialism, is sponsoring the so-called Sunni-Shia violence. The creation of the state of Israel represents an alliance of imperialism and zionism to divide the working class in the Middle East. The aim was to keep Jew and Arab workers permanently at each other’s throats, while unchallenged exploitation of the oil reserves takes place by imperialism.

World imperialism [ie from the US, France, Britain, Germany, Japan ] are united in their aim to keep the artificial state of Israel in place. They also need puppet regimes in the region to control the masses. For the first time, using the democratic structures set up by imperialism, the masses are putting into government, groupings that are armed and that in some way oppose imperialist policies. Imperialism wants to crush Hamas and Hezbollah because they represent a serious threat to imperialist control in the region. If today the people put into power oppositional forces in Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority areas, tomorrow it could be Syria, or Jordan or Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, or any country in the region. What would happen if the workers in South Africa put into power a workers’ government? The fact is that on a world wide scale the opposition to imperialist control is growing. Imperialism wants to nip this trend of mass armed resistance in the bud. The Syrian official let slip that Israel [ie imperialism] was planning to invade Lebanon in October last year already. The capture of 2 Israeli soldiers gave them a pretext to carry out their plans. Imperialism hoped that the Lebanese government would disarm Hezbollah but the people would not allow them. The aim of the invasion of Lebanon and Gaza is to break the fighting spirit of the masses.
We remember 1982 when the UN allowed Israeli backed forces to perpetrate the Sabra and Shatilla massacres, after the Palestinians gave in their weapons to the UN.  Even though we do not support Hamas or Hezbollah, we cannot stand by while they are massacred by the imperialists. We do not support  the targeting of civilians but support the right of Hamas and Hezbollah to defend themselves against imperialist attacks, be they from the Israeli forces or otherwise. We stand for the unconditional defence of the Lebanese and Palestinians from the current attacks. We call on the Israeli working class to resist being used as cannon fodder by imperialism. We call on the British and American workers, indeed on all workers in imperialist countries to oppose the slaughter being promoted by their respective states. The capitalist monoplies and banks profit from this war and the working class has nothing to gain in supporting the forces of imperialism. On the contrary, it is our duty to support the forces struggling against imperialism. We call for the working class in Israel to intensify their protest against the current attacks.

We support the call by the Sanctions against Israel Coalition for comprehensive sanctions against Israel. If the SA government really sided with the people of Palestine and Lebanon they would stop the shipment of aeroplane and helicopter parts, radioactive material and diamonds to Israel. How many massacres have to take place before the SA government takes action to isolate Israel? They cannot  condemn the attacks by Israel and still supply them with weapons materials.

Sanctions by capitalists and governments against SA before 1994 was never a tool to assist our struggle. The capitalists invested huge amounts in SA when the resistance was smashed and they only started to disinvest when there was a near revolution here. They were worried they might lose everything. WE CANNOT DEPEND ON THE CAPITALISTS OR GOVERNMENTS TO IMPLEMENT SANCTIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE TIED TO IMPERIALISM [WE CHALLENGE THE SA GOVERNMENT TO PROVE US WRONG]

The only way for effective sanctions is if the working class take control of the campaign. We call on workers to set up committees to implement sanctions. Watch out for how the state will react when workers decide not to handle goods to and from Israel. The unions and the Sanctions Coalition supporters and members should meet urgently to consider calling a General Strike in support of sanctions against Israel.

The Qana and other massacres in Gaza and Lebanon shows the barbarism of the world capitalist system. The world needs a new force for civilization. This can only be provided by the world working class through Socialist revolution. We call for workers across the world to set up working class parties as part of the Fourth International.
Forward to workers sanctions against Israel!
Forward to the federation of workers states in the Middle East!
Forward to a new revolutionary working class party in South Africa!
Forward to the Fourth International!

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