Gaza resistance- time for a change in tactics

We raise a controversial discussion because we believe that the Gaza resistance is following the incorrect tactics and that, without realizing it, is actually playing into the hands of the warmongers in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Time to stop firing those mini rockets

A simple question: has the firing of the mini rockets damaged a single F16 or missile launcher or tank  or any military facility of the zionists? No. so why are the mini rockets being fired? Is it to make a show of resistance? Perhaps so, but the negative consequences outweigh whatever show of resistance may gain:

1.       The bloodthirsty imperialists are just waiting for the supply of mini rockets to run low and then they will launch a land invasion, knowing full well that the empty-handed population will only have sticks and stones to defend themselves. What should be done is to position the remaining mini rockets in such a way that, if there is a land invasion, they are at least directed at the zionist tanks and troops that enter Gaza. At least that would be some measure of self-defence.

2.       Centrally, we should not forget that the imperialists and their zionist lackeys have deliberately created this war to divert the Israeli masses from fighting their own regime. The Netanyahu regime is weak and about to split- why help the imperialists create the illusion in the minds of the masses in Israel  (and indeed in the minds of the many of the masses around the world and especially in the imperialist centres) that the enemy is Palestinian instead of the Israeli state itself? By ceasing to fire the mini rockets, the argument is highlighted in the minds of the Israeli youth: ‘The Israeli state is spending billions of dollars on the military; but we do not have decent jobs, we do not have housing; it is not the elite nor their children who will be sent to fight Palestinians but the worker; this same Israeli elite, this 5% of the population own 70% of the wealth in Israel- they are making profits from war and from the very banks that are keeping us homeless; the Palestinians are right, the main enemy is the Israeli state. The youth are being sacrificed not in a ‘war’ but in a genocide of largely unarmed Palestinians. Is this what Zionism stands for? Do the youth really stand for this ideology? Who killed the 3 Israeli youth, it was ISIS, so why are you supporting the bombing of Palestinians? There should be joint Jewish-Arab demonstrations right now against the Netanyahu regime. ’ We need to undermine the murderous imperialist and make the youth question the deployment of the Israeli army.  But even further, the point would be driven home to the masses in the US, UK and France that their own regimes give Israel arms worth billions of dollars every year, while they are kept in unemployment, have their pension, health and education benefits cut. Why should those funds be used for arming the rogue state of Israel, they could have been used for the basic needs of the masses. The butcher regime in Egypt of the imperialist puppet Sisi would be further exposed, especially if the Rafah border is kept closed when the Palestinian resistance cease fire and if the Israeli army continues with bombing. The call can be made for the Egyptian masses to break down the Rafah border and to overthrow the Sisi regime.

3.       By ceasing the fire of the mini rockets we would undermine the warmongering of the imperialists and the Zionists. Now we can show not only the ordinary Israeli but the masses of the world to an even greater extent: ‘ Have a look, the reality is that Palestinians are unarmed; contrary to the exaggerated reports of weapons that are supposedly in Gaza ’. How would the US regime be able to justify to the worker on home soil that they send $2bn every year to Israel to use on an unarmed Palestinian mass?

4.       Ceasing to fire the mini rockets would help to break the international isolation of the Palestinian masses. Yes they are many hundreds of thousands around the world who do support the Palestinians but these number would increase to hundreds of millions if we can undercut and undermine the lies of the imperialists that Palestinians are the ‘aggressors’. Such a scale of support would begin to place the capitalist regimes around the world under threat of being overthrown.

5.       Both Israeli and Palestinian elite have a vested interest in war and division of the masses: While the Israeli elite profiteer from the war industry and the banks in Israel, the Palestinian elite wants its sphere of profiteering in Gaza and the leftovers of the West Bank. In fact the Palestinian capitalists have profiteered from construction companies that have built the apartheid wall in and around the West Bank. While the war diverts the Israeli masses from fighting their own regime, it diverts the Palestinian masses from dealing with their own regimes in Gaza and the West Bank, in fact under conditions of war, the Palestinian elite has often and would still today hide behind the excuse that those that oppose them are ‘zionist collaborators’, whereas the biggest collaborators with the Zionist elite is the Palestinian Authority and the ‘Unity govt’. The PA and ‘Unity govt’ are funded and trained by imperialism to control the Palestinian masses on their behalf (no capitalist regime can exist without having their agencies within the masses that help control them). It is a central task of the Palestinian masses to remove the PA and the ‘Unity govt’ and to set up their own organs of direct control; this is inextricably linked to the Arab and Jewish masses, whether Palestinian or Israeli, uniting against the Israeli state, setting up a unitary state based on the integration of the Arab and Jewish masses in common housing, common facilities and the right of return of all the Palestinian refugees. In this sense, to talk of Israeli ‘occupation’ is not correct as it implies that our fight is to expel the Jewish masses from the area. Our fight is to dismantle all borders and a common internationalism.

6.       On the Myth of Hamas having drone technology: The imperialist press is making much of the supposed drones that Hamas has. Drones are directed by electronic signal thus the source could easily be picked up by the US radar military base in the Negev desert. If it is true that one of the Hamas drones reached Ashdod, it is because the US military has allowed it [They claim that any aircraft or missile in the region can be detected within 6 seconds of takeoff]. This myth of Hamas having weapons or of the Lebanese army having landed in Gaza are deliberate lies calculated to whip up the Israeli masses against Palestinians and to rebuild the shattered image of Hamas as if it really represents the interests of the Palestinian masses.

7.       The 2-state option is dead and the war is a desperate attempt to revive it while dictating terms if a 1-state option happens: The Palestinian masses overwhelmingly reject a 2-state option as it means a Bantustan existence which is really a continued slavery. When most Israeli masses talk about a 2-state option, what they actually mean is peace with the Palestinians. [we should not be fooled into believing that most Israelis are on hilltops drinking tea while enjoying the bombing of Gaza. ]The Israeli elite talk of a 2-state but are really directed by imperialism to create and sustain a permanent division and permanent enslavement of the masses in the region. On the other hand imperialism cannot afford a really democratic Palestinian state as their puppet leadership would be swept aside. Thus the war serves to boost the Israeli elite, the Palestinian elite in Gaza and the West Bank. In reality the war is firstly against any independent will of the Palestinian masses and secondly to prevent the unity of the Arab and Jewish masses against the Israeli state. The capitalist press and institutions and the Arab and Israeli elite portray the Jewish masses as outcasts and pariahs in the Middle East. We want all borders to be dismantled. The working class has no country. Every effort should be made to integrate the Jewish masses with the rest of the masses in the Middle East, together with the unconditional return of all Palestinian refugees. In this way, the mighty military base that imperialism depends on to brutalise and control the entire Middle East would be dealt a decisive blow. The possibility opens up of decisive sections of the Israeli army not only moving over to passive resistance and conscientious objection, but to active support of the Palestinian masses.

A good start would be to cease-fire of the mini-rocketlets. We place this difficult discussion to the Palestinian masses and supporters to consider.

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