The ANC-SACP government says it has a plan to take the masses out of poverty and to create 5 million jobs by 2020. Once again the masses are being asked to wait for years while the big capitalists continue to profit every day. The key component of the state plan for jobs is the R3200 bn infrastructure plan.


The state is lying about jobs

Sixty percent (60%) of this budget goes to electricity, almost R2000 bn. But it only takes 800 to 1000 people to run and maintain a large power station. So at most 10 000 permanent jobs will be created at a cost of R2 trillion. Most of the rest of the jobs are temporary construction jobs.


Secondly the state and the Cosatu leaders claim that the doubling of electricity capacity from 45 000 MW to 90 000MW by 2020 will enable new industries to open up. The truth is that in SA and around the world, industries are closing down. The world economy has been in steep decline- this has accelerated since 2007-8. The ‘growth’ of new industries is another lie.   


Most homes of the working class are already in darkness because we cannot afford the high price of electricity. What will happen when the state further increases the price as they must do every year to pay for the R2000 000 000 000 electricity scam project? Already, the big bosses like Anglo American pay less than 20 per unit, while we pay 5 times more- the masses are subsidizing the capitalists. Now we still have to pay for an electricity project that will not benefit the working class. The state will have to mothball (temporary shut down) some power stations because there will be massive over-capacity.


The state is planning to build at least 6 more nuclear power stations. After the Fukushima disaster last year March, many countries have shut down their nuclear reactors, many have cancelled their plans for building new reactors. Yet the ANC-SACP government wants to impose on us a coal and nuclear future when already there are alternatives of solar, hydro and wind. [Solar already costs less than coal power; hydropower from the Inga 2 in the DRC, on its own can provide 40 000 MW, while a 24 square km of solar panels in the North Cape desert can, provide electricity for all at almost no cost].


The state is bailing out Anglo American while the working class has to pay

Anglo American controls the coal, nuclear and cement resources. The ANC has signed contracts with them for the next 50 years! There is no plan to meet the housing backlog of 2.1 million units. Their plan is for a few thousand houses (19 000, some of which will be sold to the masses). The rest will go to upgrading 150 townships with swings, painting walls and seesaws. Shacks will be ‘upgraded’ to have high class toilets next to them or in the backyards. [They might not even work as the state plans to increase the price of water]


Another R583 bn (almost 20% of the R3204 Bn) will go for transport; this is mostly for highways, rail and ports upgrades for minerals and freight and for new oil pipelines to make the more efficient plunder of the mineral wealth by Anglo American and other capitalists.

Thus over 80% of the infrastructure plan is just to serve the interests of the capitalists The annual interest payment on a R3204 Bn loan will be R288 bn. This is in addition to the 100Bn that the state already pays for debt. The state has already taken billions from our pension monies to fund the privatization of roads. They will take even more in future.


Workers will be forced to pay more tax; like in Greece, the government may increase VAT; the government will cut wages and pensions and they will cut on services. Under the disguise of building a handful of academic hospitals, the public health sector will be further collapsed. The real reason why public sector and municipal workers will receive low increases this year is that the state coffers are being plundered to bail out Anglo American, JP Morgan Chase and other capitalists. Current and future generations will be made to pay for bailing out the imperialist banks and Anglo American.


The way forward

The Cosatu leaders are protecting the capitalists because they are dependant on their privileges from the crumbs from Anglo American and other big capitalists. In Greece, Syria, France, the USA, the Stalinist CP’s and the fake ‘left’ protect the capitalist regimes- this is why the struggles there cannot advance. This leadership has got to go. Workers need to discuss in the workplaces and in the communities to break the alliance with the capitalist ANC and SACP. Any leader who still argues that Cosatu should remain in the alliance with the capitalist ANC-SACP government should be removed and replaced with an independent fighter. The time has come to build an independent, revolutionary working class party. Join the Workers International Vanguard Party, striving to refound the Fourth International!


Draft demands and steps towards a really better life for all:

1.      Share all work among all who can work, without loss of pay- reduce the working week;

2.      Scrap all privatization of roads, renationalize the roads under workers control;

3.      Open the books of Anglo American and other capitalists to a worker-controlled public audit;

4.      Expropriate all those capitalists guilty of ‘transfer-pricing’ (lying about the value of exports);

5.      Begin phasing out of all coal and nuclear power; towards 100% solar, hydro and wind power; no to bailout of Anglo American and other capitalists!

6.      nationalise all the land; expropriate all the cement and clay reserves; expropriate all the large capitalist construction companies and the banks, without compensation; for the creation of a single state bank and single state construction company, under workers control; low rental housing for all, with exemptions for low paid, unemployed and pensioners;

7.      Expropriate all the commercial farms; For worker collectives to be set up; state assistance to all small farms and existing communal farms; expropriation of all the large food companies and retailers, under workers control; for a single worker-controlled national food distributor;

8.      Expropriate the entire transport industry without compensation to the capitalists, under workers control; for mass, safe public transport, under workers control;

9.      Expropriate under workers control, of all industries that retrench workers;

10.  to prepare the way to a General strike for the working class to advance to workers power, the only way to expropriate the 1%, we need to set up factory/strike committees (uniting worker delegates from all unions and non-unionised, casual, contract or immigrant workers) at every workplace, mine and farm; in every community strike committees should be set up uniting employed workers, unemployed workers and the youth; The strike committees should set up committees of self-defence which should include delegates from rank and file soldiers [the history of 1985 to 1995 shows that Anglo American and other big capitalists will not hesitate to set up their own private armed groups to attack workers- no ruling class has ever given up power to the masses, without a fight]. We call for the working class in the USA and Europe to organise and rise up against your own regimes. For revolutionary working class parties across the world as part of refounding the Fourth International;

11.  For a Federation of Socialist workers states of Southern Africa;

12.  For a Soviet Africa (based on workers councils).

This is the way to establish real freedom; to commemorate the real essence of Mayday. This is the way to globalise Tahrir square, to take the Occupy Wall street movement to its conclusion. Forward to Socialism!

27.04.2012 issued by Workers International Vanguard Party (formerly Workers International Vanguard League); 1st Floor, Community House, 41 Salt River rd, Salt River, 7925, ph 021 4476777; ph 0822020617, workersinternational@gmail.com ; website: www.workersinternational.org.za