The National Committee


Dear Comrades

Re: Towards revolutionary parliamentarianism

There has arisen within our ranks and supporters and contacts, a discussion on whether we should give critical support to a vote for Wasp or whether we should support a boycott of the elections.

We attach an article below in which we clarify our concerns (‘Boycott 2014 elections or critical support of Wasp?’). We would like you to respond to these.

We would like to emphasize that we do not regard participation as a principle but as a tactic. We believe revolutionary participation should be given serious consideration and are having an open, rich discussion on the matter. Do the Wasp positions in the elections amount to revolutionary participation? We do not think so.

Lenin, in ‘Left Wing Communism an infantile disorder’, is clear that participation within the bourgeois election apparatus is important to unmask it and to help dispel the illusions of the backward masses in it. Lenin here also emphasizes that strikes and mass struggle is always more important than parliamentary work. He says that even a tiny group which does not yet have the support of the masses can still set up a really revolutionary parliamentary group (he used the example of Liebknecht). Thus our request to you is simple:

1.       Your first candidate is Moses Mayekiso, who was involved in promoting the corrupt arms deal, flying to Sweden to promote the imperialist arms company SAAB (even if it has not been proved that he directly benefitted, the deal itself was corrupt); He was CEO of Sanco Investments that was involved in tenders with housing; he was a shareholder in Nexus Connexion that helped privatise the telecommunications network. He should be removed from the candidate list otherwise a vote for Wasp would be a vote for corruption, tenders and privatization;

2.       Remove the clauses on strengthening police forums and training of the police; if you say police are workers, you are saying that the Marikana massacre was ‘worker on worker’ violence and thus, despite your claim that you support the workers, you are covering for the capitalists and the state in their orchestrated conspiracy against the working class; you should call for the formation of independent, armed workers’ self defence committees under direct working class community control

3.       Include in your manifesto a condemnation of the Amcu leaders for their attacks on the mine worker leaders and warn them about their role in isolating the mineworkers struggle for R12 500 from the broader struggle of mine workers and more general demand of R12 500 for all workers;

4.       If, as you claim, you put workers struggles first, why did you not use your R 335 000   election deposit or even a part of it as a contribution to the strike fund of the Platinum mineworkers?

5.       Explain clearly how imperialism is the ruling class in SA and how the ANC leaders are their managers (replace the clause that says that the ANC are the capitalist class). Link this to how imperialism controls the region and how the struggles of the working class here are thus inter-connected;

6.       Scrap the clause in the Manifesto which says that ‘Capitalist governments are rarely required to work out some conspiracy to hold the oppressed down’. This politically disarms workers. For example, it is clear that the ANC government conspired with the Lonmin bosses to brutally suppress the strike; in fact their plan resulted in the Marikana massacre and when the masses rise again, the capitalist govt will conspire again. In fact capitalist govts always conspire against the masses. The Intelligence report against Vavi was not the product of a ‘rogue element’ but was the result of a conscious conspiracy by the ANC govt to facilitate his removal.


We await your urgent reply.

Comradely greetings

Shaheed Mahomed

For the WIVP