I am a 73 year old man. I really would like some CLARITY on some issues that I read about. I am not impressed with ‘Al Jazeera’s’ version of Syria. I have serious misgivings especially since Quatar, Saudi Arabia and others are doing the bidding of the imperialist West.


I have heard about the Syria opposition from others- they are not genuine- they seem to be expats like those in Libya, etc. Maybe you could really publish some details- Kofi Annan is on the Board of Morgan Chase- Tony Blair is also a head of their bank- so what is their role?


Many months ago the presenter on the local Muslim radio station raised the question of whether the Zionists and US were behind the ‘unrest’ in the Middle east- wanting to get rid of the present leaders and replace them with those more amenable to their interests? What do you say about that?


I am no longer excited about events in the Middle East. Look at Egypt- the more things change the more the remain the same- Omar Suleiman, Muslim Brotherhood- the Salafis- Then you see David Cameron- Hilary Clinton and others all going there- one would have expected people there to have severed links with them. The Rafah border, etc are still very much intact. What has happened to people like Hossam Hamalawi? People were so excited, so hopeful that important changes would take place etc. Locally you would only hear news about the role of the media and the increasing role played by LIBERALS (across the colour line).


Apologies for the scrawl. Regards.


Thanking you.


PS: There was a caller on radio (SAfm) open line who said some Al Jazeera journalist here resigned over the Syrian issue. What do you say about that!