Like yesterday against the worker youth from Bariloche, the rail workers of Roca, the poor peasants from Formosa and Bolivian, Paraguayan and Argentinean workers in Parque Indoamericano, today the government of the Kirchner, imperialist transnationals and slave boss together with the anti-worker “opposition” kill three new worker martyrs




In the General Libertador San Martin, 120 kilometres far from San Salvador of Jujuy, 700 families were occupying a piece of land in the vicinity of the sugar refinery Ledesma property of Blaquier family, supporters of the genocide military dictatorship. Hundreds of workers, mostly unemployed, demanded land and decent housing taking again the struggle that thousands of workers in the Parque Indoamericano led last year in Capital Federal.

A contingent of 350 cops fully armed, sent by Kirchner’s government, governor Barrinuevo and judge Zamán unleashed a bloody repression with live ammunition and tear gases.  Aided by Ledema’s private security, which intervened directly, evicted the piece of land despite the fierce resistance of the workers, to where still suppressed in he route 34 and bridge San Lorenzo. Ariel Farfan, Feliz Reyes and Victor Hereda were murdered. 49 comrades ended up injured, 2 of them were kids. A young worker suffered brain death due to a shot in the head.

Twenty days ago in Las Heras (State of Santa Cruz) Kirchner and imperialist oil companies militarized the city and imprisoned oil workers shop stewards Oñate and Acosta, after the fight carried on by teachers, oil workers, unemployed workers and students from that province for a 50% wage increase.

This is the attack hidden behind electoral trap: more repression, imprisons and more workers and exploited deaths to those who fight against starvation and slavering in this Argentina of maquilas, superexploitation and imperialist plunder: This is the offensive that they will launch against the workers and exploited masses as soon as they finish counting the votes in the elections! Kirchner and “right wing” opposition are assassins of the working class and servants of imperialism! They are the representatives of that oligarchy of Blaquier that send to kill today the workers who dare to touch their private property; just like they did 35 years ago with the “night of the blackout” with the military dictatorship against 400 workers of the sugar refinery Ledesma. Assassins! All the lands and properties of Blaquier family must be expropriated! It’s either us or them!



Enough WITH repression and workers deathS!


The statements of condolences and solidarity in general of trade unions like CTA aren’t enough. To defeat the repression against the workers of Jujuy:


The national strike must be imposed NOW!

The picketers militant movement must be set up again, blocking routes to stop the repression!


For a Movement of workers’ organizations to confront repression, release the political prisoners and stop the prosecution to the chased comrades!



The workers from Liberator General San Martin can’t remain isolated for a single minute longer, at the mercy of bosses’ and assassin state repression while our prisoners of Las Heras are lay in jail under the command of the imperialist oil companies.


Freedom to Acosta and Oñete, oil workers imprisoned in Las Heras, and to the 22 comrades imprisoned in Jujuy! Freedom to the unemployed workers of Tartagal, Olivera (SITRAIC) and all the political prisoners!


End the prosecution to Hermosilla and Bogado (Kraft), Ottoboni (Fate), Costilla (Paty), workers from Stefani and Zanon on the over 6,000 worker and popular fighters prosecuted!


Worker and popular tribunals to judge and punish the assassins of the workers from Jujuy, Mariano Ferreyra, the workers killed in the Indoamerican Park, the peasants from the Qom community (in Formosa) and all worker and popular martyrs!


For Luciano Arruga and Julio Lopez to appear alive!


Dissolution of the repressive forces of the state and they must be replaced by worker and popular surveillance committees! Out the murderous Gendarmeria from Santa Cruz and all the workers’ districts!


For a self-defence committee of all workers’ and militant students’ organizations to defend from the assassin repression of the government and the gunmen of union bureaucracy!


For a workers front to fight for uniting the working class ranks and defeat the attack of the bosses!


Stop fighting divided!


The factory union commission, shop steward corps and sectionals taken from the union bureaucracy, the picketers movement and militant student organizations have the authority to call such a front right now.


So far the currents that belong to the “Left Front” have refused to unify workers under the excuse that “there aren’t conditions”. For those currents there are only conditions to unify the left on electoral fronts and separate after the elections. For them there aren’t conditions the unity that workers’ and students’ vanguard want so much to fight against the government of Kirchner and the “right wing” opposition of Macri, Carrio, Alfonsin, De Narvaez, Duhalde, etc.

Enough with the “there aren’t conditions” to coordinate those who fight! The only conditions that exist when we fight divided are the conditions of defeat, repression and death! We can’t allow a single more minute that the militant vanguard be repressed in Jujuy and imprisoned in Santa Cruz!


The “Left Front” of Altamira and Castillo claims to defend workers. Alright, so let’s be consistent and place their electoral campaign and all their forces at the service of conquering the unity of workers ranks against the traitors of union bureaucracy and their gunmen, against the government and the infamous regime of the ‘53/’94 Constitution, to conquer the freedom of the political prisoners and punish the assassins of the worker martyrs.


The working class must retake the way of the revolution of 2001 and its war cry of “everybody out, nobody left”!


That’s how we conquered the real class independence and defeated in the streets De la Rua’s government and other servants of imperialism. Everyone silenced the war cry of “everybody out, nobody left” to subordinate the working class to the “bolivarians”, who proved to be as anti-workers and lackeys as the governments pro-imperialist of the FTA.


Precisely we bad now because, due to the leaderships, the working class didn’t seize power in 2001 and all the corrupted politicians returned. They are the representative of the imperialist monopolies and slavering bosses, who starve, suppress, kill and imprison workers.


Enough is enough! As the workers from Jujuy proved, who despite the slaughter returned and occupied again the land, and as yesterday did the immigrant workers in the Indoamerican Park and the oil workers of Santa Cruz who occupied the LH 3 oil refinery against the imperialist oil companies: in order to conquer our demands the private property of the capitalists must be attacked.


This is the combat that the Chilean working and student vanguard is heading today. It has risen up against the imperialist plundering, fighting against the Pinochetist-Concertationist regime, under the demand of “renationalization of copper, without compensation and under workers’ control”.  They show us the way, as Bolivian workers and peasants did yesterday shouting “Gringos out” and “Neither 30%, nor 50%, nationalization of hydrocarbons”!


Expropriation without compensation and under worker control of all imperialist transnationals, their factories, banks, lands and properties and the entire slavering bosses! There is the money to conquer houses, wage increase of 50%, jobs, health and education for the exploited masses!


To make the demand of the exploited from Jujuy come true, which is the demand of the entire working movement: For a plan of building houses and public work under worker control!


Most of the workers who fight for houses in Jujuy and are suppressed and murdered are immigrant workers without rights; they are outsourced workers, unofficial contracted workers and with starvation wages; they are also unemployed workers. They are all condemned to this situation due to the treacherous bureaucracy of CGT and CTA, who are the guarantors the “Social Pact” with Kirchner government, the “right wing” opposition, slavering bosses and imperialist transnationals. Work for all! Everybody to permanent staff and under collective agreement! Sliding scale of wages and sliding scales of hours! Down with the deceitful collective bargains! Minimum living wage of $6,500 (AR$) raised according to the inflation and the cost of living! Down with the taxes to the workers wages and elimination of VAT!


These demands won’t be conquered by votes in ballots. Argentinean working class has to take up the war cry of the “outraged” from Spain, “Our dreams don’t fit in your ballots”! Here our dreams of houses, jobs, decent wages, education and health don’t fit in the ballot boxes of Kirchner, Macri, Duhalde, Carrio, the boss parties like PJ and UCR and this infamous regime of the constitution of 1853/1994!


A counteroffensive of the exploited must be prepared, to open the path to the General Strike! We have to fight as in Chile, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, like in Greece and the squares of Spain! The path of the socialist revolution must re-taken and be taken to victory!


Down with the CGT and CTA bureaucracy! Down with the Videlaist-Peronist-Radical judges caste!

Neither Kirchner, nor Macri, nor Alfonsin, nor Carrio nor the gorilla[1] Duhalde!



Everybody out, nobody left!


For a worker and popular government based on the self-determination organs of the masses



Democracia Obrera



[1] Argentinean slang for anti-worker