Why workers should support the call by Numsa to stand against the ANC-DA youth slavery plans and support real youth employment and training

Workers International Vanguard Party joins the call for all workers, youth, unemployed and the masses in general to support the general strike called by Numsa for Wed 19th March 2014. Marches have been organised in the following cities: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Emalahleni and George. The strike has been called to highlight youth unemployment and to demand real solutions to the problem.

What can you do to mobilise support for the strike?

Firstly, note that the strike process has gone through Nedlac, which means that all workers across the country are covered and can join whether you are permanent, casual, local or immigrant. The strike is protected. That means all workers can join the strike without fear of dismissal. Thus, if the bosses want to dismiss you, you have a claim for 24 months pay and full reinstatement.

What should you do if you cannot get to the marches or live in a city where there is no march?

Despite the strike being protected, workers may still fear getting dismissed or victimised, or you may be too far from where the marches are, or you may live in a city where there are no marches. What do you do?

You could organise a lunch-time picket to highlight the demand for proper jobs for the youth and not youth slavery. If you feel that you are not organised enough to mobilise a picket outside your workplace, then organise a general meeting of the workers in lunch time to discuss the campaign and how to take it forward and why the Cosatu leaders have NOT mobilised in support of this long-standing campaign, and why they are campaigning for the ANC, which has now legislated youth slavery. Discuss what you can do to force a special Congress of Cosatu to discuss an action plan for the youth, against the plans of the DA-ANC.

If you are a student and unable to join the marches, why not organise pickets outside your education institution or at worst organise a lunch-time meeting to highlight the campaign.

If you live in a community and are at home on the 19th March and unable to get to the marches, organise meetings in your street or community on the matter, of if possible a picket (in groups of 15 to be in line with the picket laws- which then require that you do not have to apply for permission), possibly at the local municipal office.

Why you should support the strike and campaign for real youth jobs

·         The Employment Tax Incentive Act that the ANC has passed (and that the DA supports) allows bosses to pay less tax and to employ youth on the rock bottom minimum wage. When the subsidy ends, there is no guarantee that the youth will be taken on permanently; Anglo American and other mining monopolies have stolen (and still steal) more than R200 bn every year through transfer pricing, mislabelling and tax evasion. During 2007 these mining monopolies stole R700bn (the mines label Platinum as Palladium and pay less tax). Here are the funds for full employment but the govt does everything to support the very capitalists who are the biggest rogues and thieves. Anglo American not only steals Trillions but is also refusing to pay the striking mineworkers a living wage- they have been on strike for R12 500 for 7 weeks now.

·         Under apartheid, the old regime used to charge tax on profits at a rate of 48% but the ANC govt has reduced tax on profits down to 28%. The very capitalists who are responsible for not creating jobs for the youth are now being paid subsidies by the ANC govt.

·         The ANC is opening up ‘special economic zones’ (something supported by DA, Cope and EFF)- here there are no minimum wages, no benefits such as pension, even no minimum age. The big danger is that many companies will, as they did in the days of apartheid, close down, and move to the slave zones.

·         Many companies may claim the subsidy for ghost workers (as they did pre-1994)

·         Join Numsa United front, which unites all workers, irrespective of affiliation, unionised or in communities.

For a more on the ANC-DA youth slave scheme read http://www.workersinternational.org.za/wagesubsidy25.6.2012.htm

issued by Workers International Vanguard Party ph 0822020617 workersinternational@gmail.com 18.3.2014