Let organise for the strike action for our demands. The leadership of Cosatu who are part of the alliance with the Sacp and Anc, stopped us, as Samwu when were about to strike before the Municipal Elections on the 18th May. We Samwu workers started the strike wave last year, that continues now, where the grassroots are starting to break from the alliance with the Anc and Sacp.


When the public sector workers were demanding 12 percent, Vavi and the rest of Cosatu leadership came to the rescue of the government and big capital by declaring that 7.5 percent was good enough for the workers.

But this year they the Cosatu leadership stopped us (Samwu) workers when we were on the brink of strike action before the 18 May Elections. The Ancaccused us Samwu workers of holding them hostage before the elections. They the Anc leaders promised to addressour demands, but after the elections, the vice president Motlanthe addressed Samwu members, brushing them aside and accusing them of side-stepping Salga, the local government negotiations agency. Salga is controlled by the Anc and Motlanthe is a member of Sacp too, so who is really holding the workers to ransom?

The Sacp, Anc and Cosatu leaders, in short the Alliance, keeps the workers at bay. And this time the leadership deliberate isolated the Samwu workers, because the they knew months ago that virtually every sector was in deadlock, the metal, chemical and paper, public sector the municipal sector and the mines. Yet they the Cosatu leadership postponed their Central committee (CC), which was due to take place before the 18 May elections. On Mayday the leaders turned the rallies into a platform for the Anc, instead of using the Mayday rallies for uniting the struggles and preparing for a general strike After all, Mayday is international workers day. We must march to the Cosatu and other union offices to demand solidarity strike action, because the entire working class is facing the same problems of low wages, casualization, high prices and poor services delivery. We must support the national strike of the cleaning sector workers- this whole sector is dominated by labour brokers- what happened to the resolution to fight labour broking with a general strike? Why are we leaving the cleaning workers on their own? Let us unite to demand that caregivers in the health sector be given training and made permanent; let us demand that the 1000 soldiers who are still suspended for strike action, go back to work; let us unite all sectors in struggle.

The Samwu leadership is pre empting our strike action by giving signals to the empoyer (Salga), if they come with a better offer, they leadership of Samwu will call off the strike action. The union issued a leaflet where the leaders claim that inflation for workers is 8%. How can they say that when we as workers are most affected by electricity having gone up by 31%, fuel has gone up by more than 20% and food prices always go up almost every week.It seems the leaders are preparing us for a settlement of 8% or below what our demands are. Any concession below 18 percent will impoverish the working class, and be a betrayal of the workers demands. The state and the capitalists use CPI (official inflation) to cut wages- they know that CPI has nothing to do with inflation for workers. We must demand that all casuals, contract workers, that work across the country in the municipal and cleaning sectors must be made permanent immediately. It is time to break with the SACP and ANC - all heights of the economy must be expropriated, without compensation, be placed under workers control.


No to 3 year agreements! Wages must go up as prices go up!

The path to the general strike:

First we must unify our ranks and kick out the class collaborationist leaders,

we need a revolutionary leadership based on strike committees, the immediate task is to convene a national meeting of strike committees which

include delegates from the entire industrial working class and set a date for the solidarity strike action. Occupy strategic depots and municipal workplaces and then extend the occupation to all municipal workplaces.

There must be strike committees in every industrial areas , mine, shop, farm, every working class area that sends delegates to regional and national worker summit to centralise the demands of the working class and to prepare the path to the general strike. Considering how the police have brutalised other strikers and community activists, we need self defence committees as part of the strike committees. We need to include delegates from all workers organizations and grassroots organizations that are spearheading the struggles for service delivery, to be part of the strike committees. The leadership of Samwu has called for building strike committees, building links with communities- let us see how serious they are about real preparation for a strike. We as workers must take the lead to make sure these words are put into practice. There must be a broad national strike committee that decides the direction of the strike- do not leave it in the hands of the leaders!

Without a program of socialist, transitional and immediate demands and an independent, international, revolutionary working class party we will never overthrow the capitalist system that keep the working class in chains.

Letís unite like the masses in Egypt, Greece, Chile, Spain and elsewhere.

Forward to worker-controlled strike committees which unite workers, students and community activists

Forward to an independent revolutionary working class party!

For a committee of revolutionary Trotskyists and revolutionary workers organisations to refound the Fourth International



9.8.2011 amended 13.8.2011

Issued by Workers International Vanguard League ph 0822020617, email , website