Protest against the US military in South Africa


Workers International Vanguard League calls for countrywide protests against the presence of the US military in South Africa. We condemn the SA government for inviting imperialist occupation troops for supposed ‘humanitarian’ exercises. We can see the result of imperialism’s ‘humanitarianism’ (rather barbarism) in Libya where they are bombing civilians, bombing and maiming the very masses who are rising up against the hated Gaddafi regime.


In Botswana the US military have long had military bases that oversee the plunder of the diamond fields by Anglo American. The US military act to prop up their brutal puppet regime of Mutharika in Malawi, which shot and killed at least 19 unarmed protestors a few days ago- the US military props up the regime on behalf of tobacco monopoly, Phillip Morris International, which has turned Malawi into a single cash crop country.


This same military is still occupying Iraq, waging wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, has overseen the wars in the DRC for the plunder of the vast resources by US imperialism.


To the rank and file US soldier, who is being used as a pawn to fight the wars of plunder for imperialism: your enemy is at home!


At this very moment the regime of the Democrats and Republicans are stealing your pension, they are cutting your medical aid, they will force you to work longer before qualifying for pension; more and more workers are dying on the job; unemployment among the youth are at a world-wide high; interest rates are due to rise which will accelerate the eviction of many more thousands from their homes. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone several times over but everywhere there is starvation- this is the worldwide capitalist system of violence that the handful of the rich (1% of the US population) sacrifices your life for. Refuse the orders of the officers and go home to defeat and overthrow your own regime- this is best humanitarian aid you can render.


Judging from the ‘humanitarian’ aims of the thousand US military bases around the globe, the presence of the US military in South Africa has more to do with training a force to use live ammunition shoot down unarmed protestors to ensure the hegemony of US imperialism. The world-wide political revolts against the capitalist regimes, is what prompts the genodical presence of the US military here- the Bank of New York and other imperialists are worried that the next uprising against their plunder is right here.


US imperialist troops out of South Africa, Out of Africa! Shut down all US military bases around the globe!


Protest:                      Wed 10 August 2011

Time:              12 noon to 14h00                                                                                venue:                      Cape Town International airport (where many of the US troops are stationed)


Venues: at all workplaces and in all working class communities we call for workers to take to the streets at lunch-time on Wed 10 August 2011.

Issued 7.8.2011 by WIVL 1st floor Community House Salt River, 7925 ph 021 4476777;

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