Support the public sector and municipal workers in their struggle for a living wage-

Forward to a solidarity general strike

The ANC-SACP govt with the active support of the DA is trying to impose a 6.5% wage cut on public sector and municipal workers. Inside the workers movement, the union leaders are helping the state by rapidly lowering workers demands to 7.9% (public sector) and 11.5% (municipal sector). Why are the union leaders in such an indecent haste to settle the wage disputes? It is because the capitalist class fear that any mass strike could spark an ‘Egypt’-type uprising, this is why the union leaders help the imperialists, the big capitalists, Anglo American and others, to keep control of the masses. We remember 2 years ago how Vavi and co flew around the country convincing workers to accept the peanuts from the state. Yet when Anglo American takes R600bn every year out of the country through fraud (transfer pricing- exporting goods at declared value far below what their real value is), the Cosatu, ANC and SACP do nothing. Here is the money for not only workers increases but for creating decent jobs for all, including the millions of unemployed youth. Here are the funds for proper service delivery to all. Besides these billions, Anglo American and other capitalists take out over R600 bn in profits every year. The ANC-SACP regime has lowered company taxes from 48% in the apartheid days to 28% today. The state wants to give R3 trillion to Anglo American and others for the fake infrastructure programme but they do not even have a plan for decent housing for all, nor even for jobs for all. The main obstacle to a real fight against the continued capitalist slavery, is the current leadership within the workers’ movement.


The ANC-SACP-DA wants to take our pension money

Now the Cosatu leaders and their alliance partners in the SACP and ANC, want to tell workers that there is no money! Already, the state has taken billions from the pension funds of the public sector workers to pay for the scam e-tolling. Now the ANC-SACP (with the full support of the DA) want to take our providend fund monies. By the 1st March 2014, any worker who loses his/her job will not be allowed to take their providend fund monies. You will have to wait for retirement age. Thus workers monies will stay with the banks and private companies who will use it. Workers will starve and die without this money but the state does not care. Workers cannot even commit suicide for their families to access these funds as workers will lose the employer contribution in such cases. Most workers die before the age of 50 so the state seizing your providend fund monies will only benefit the banks. The banks are all controlled by imperialist companies such as JP Morgan Chase, the main shareholder of Anglo American.


Forward to a solidarity general strike- resist the betrayal by the union leaders

Food, transport, rent, school fees, medical expenses, clothing, goes up all the time but wages are falling (what we could buy with a R10 last year, today we need a R12 or more). The public sector and municipal workers are vulnerable, as a strike by them does not directly affect capitalist production. This is why need to start preparation NOW for a solidarity general strike in support of their demands. If the state succeeds in lowering the wages then all sectors will face the same attacks by the capitalists. Let us unite all workers in general strike committees, permanent or casual, local or immigrant, unionised or un-unionised. Let us prepare the way for a workers summit with delegates from the employed and unemployed and rank and file soldiers, to open the way for an indefinite general strike for a decent wage and work for all, for adequate service delivery for all. Only the organised working class can stop the capitalist theft, can really expropriate Anglo American and other monopolies, without compensation, placing them under workers control. Share the work among all who can work, without loss of pay. Away with multi-year agreements. Away with labour brokers and casualization. Fill all vacant posts with permanent workers. Equal pay for equal work! Hands off our pension funds! Forward to workers power! Break the alliance with the capitalist ANC-SACP! We need a revolutionary workers party, independent of the state and capital. Forward to Socialism!

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