Editorial comment:


We, like you, are aware of the pro-imperialist bias of Al Jazeera; their take on events exposes who their real masters are; the responses and interventions of the regimes such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others also shows that their true master is imperialism. Al Jazeera is more dangerous as it poses as being ‘independent’ whereas it is really the voice of imperialism from within. Imperialism cannot allow the masses to gain power through their own mass actions anywhere on the planet. This is especially the case now because the working class has started to rise up against all the capitalist regimes across the planet, even in the imperialist centres such as the USA where even the soldiers are joining the marches against their own regime. This is why, from different angles their agencies, Al Jazeera and the regional puppet regimes provide a cover for Assad to continue slaughtering the Syrian masses. Puppet regimes like that in Russia and China are fronting for imperialism by militarily supporting the Assad regime. This would be the prime reason why the working class must wake up to the fact, that the leadership which they have followed without question, over the last several decades, have not made them aware of the need to forge links with their class brothers and sisters, first in the region and also internationally. Al Jazeera and others talk about an Arab Spring to deliberately isolate the struggles in places such as Greece, from the struggles in Syria.

We agree with you wholeheartedly about the Syria National Council; they are a deliberate imperialist creation , just like in Libya, to sabotage the revolution from within. Their role is not passive, or merely being an ‘exile group’, no, they are there to keep the masses disarmed and to assist imperialism, should the masses still, despite the odds, kick out the old regime, they would want to usurp it from within, to keep a capitalist regime but with a new face; in other words to present a new form of rule by imperialism through them. But before such developments, the SNC is actively disarming the masses through the creation of the Free Syria Army, in the same way that the TNC created the Free Libya Army in Libya- their aim is to keep the heavy weapons from the masses and to create a specialist army that will ‘fight’ for the masses, on their behalf- in this way, being headed by ex-generals of the old regime, imperialism is directly sabotaging the masses struggle from within. The Syrian revolution has struggled to advance precisely because of the existence of the Free Syrian army which has prevented up to now , the development of widespread armed workers militias. [The few weapons being taken from the Assad regime are still under the control of the ex-generals of Assad, and thus imperialism has an internal stranglehold on the masses.].

If the so-called Communist parties in Syria (and there are 2 of these) had been doing their work, the present slaughter could have been countered by regional working class mobilization. Imagine the workers of North Africa and the whole Middle east being called to arms to defeat the hated Syrian regime. But up to now, these fake Communist Parties actually support the Assad regime and their political and trade union international (the WFTU, based in Greece) also support them against the Syrian masses. They are key to dividing the Syrian masses, up to now.

As for the imperialist agents Kofi Annan and Tony Blair, they are able to succeed only because the imperialist supporting regimes have in 99% of cases, corrupted worker leaders (both political and trade union). Your brilliant exposure that they both are on the board of JP Morgan, shows that they are representatives of big capital and indeed specifically agents of US imperialism. The Annan ‘plan’, covers the real support of imperialism for the slaughter of the Syrian masses, by posing as a plan for peace, a plan for defence of the masses. The truth is that 300 unarmed observers are not capable of being in all places at all times. In fact their presence allows the slaughter of the masses to go head- the masses of the world are politically disarmed from acting against their own regimes because there is a supposed ‘peace’ plan in place. Even if the observers were armed, the nett effect would be the same- any armed imperialist force will act to prevent the masses from seizing control through revolutionary action. The JP Morgan Chase was involved in directly organizing the military coup in Chile in 1973. The actions of their representatives in Syria, Blair and Annan, are fundamentally the same- to help maintain an exploitative, capitalist regime, albeit from a different angle.

The zionists constitute the chief agency of US imperialism’s control over the people and natural resources of the Middle East. It follows from this that the Zionist regime is directly and indirectly supporting the current regimes in the Middle East, despite the rhetoric from the Arab capitalist rulers to the contrary. The ‘anti-zionist’ rhetoric of the Arab capitalist rulers is for the benefit of the masses in their own countries, to hide the real relation of things, namely they are all lackeys of imperialism against the masses.

For the moment, imperialism has managed to impose new puppets but in all cases the masses have not just accepted them- they are continuing to resist. The fundamental point is that these ‘new’ faces of the old regimes can offer nothing new, no new benefits for the working class, they offer only more suppression and exploitation.The important part of the equation is that the resistance against capitalism is spreading into the imperialist centres. 30 000 workers and supporters of the Occupy Wall street movement were marching in New York alone on May Day, calling for a general strike (even though in the heart of this imperialist beast it is illegal to make such a call). This imperialist crisis is giving birth to working class revolts all over the planet; which for us means the international Working Class Spring beckons. Despite the efforts of the liberal press to hide and confuse this process, this is one factor that seeps through every corner- it exists and the continued resistance of the working class shows they are making their experience with the ‘new’ imposters, they are seeing through those ‘left’ parties, despite temporary delays. In these conditions a real revolutionary International can and will be built, we are confident about it.

We salute your questioning mind. To us you are 73 years young. We trust that we have answered you satisfactorily.

PS: If possible, you and your friends could study our website regularly. We strive to keep it updated so that people such as yourself could be updated. As always your comments and thoughts are most welcome.

PPS: even in Al Jazeera, there are some journalists who in some way must be contesting the imperialist version of events- like any capitalist institutions, those who really are in control would force their opposition out rather than surrender to have a true exposure of events. We heard that the official reason for Al Jazeera parted ways with the journalist was because he was HIV+- this is an outrage but to the heads of Al Jazeera, any excuse was to be used to ensure uniformity of their pro-imperialist agenda. This is why we need to build a workers press. We thank you for your contribution to this development- long may you continue to do so.