The screening of ‘RoadMap to Apartheid’ at the Labia- giving respectability to Zionism


A few months ago the Labia cinema banned the screening of the movie ‘RoadMap to Apartheid’ because of pressure from the Zionist lobby in South Africa. After some protest by the radical intelligentsia in Cape Town, the Labia will now screen the movie. But the Zionist lobby demanded to be allowed to address the audience. Once again, the Labia agreed to this and agreed to have only one screening (a free show) and to give the Zionist fascists the platform to lecture the movie-goers to give a ‘balanced view’ and thus counteract all that is in the movie. This deal was brokered by the R2K (Right to Know campaign) and applauded by the ‘left’ as a ‘victory’. In fact, the Zionists have won. This is presented to us as a great ‘achievement’ for the masses!


The last Apartheid president, KW De Klerk, recently tried to justify the Bantustans- ‘blacks did have the right to vote, they were free’, according to De Klerk. He was rightly shouted down.


Thousands died fighting the old fascistic regime. Some are missing up to today. How can the masses who fought for democracy be equal to those who suppressed democracy? How can a platform be given to a fascist? Giving them a platform is a victory for fascism, a victory for Zionism.


This is not an academic issue but one of the life and death for Palestinians. Fascists have NO RIGHT to come and address us. Fascism must be abolished, not given a platform. The Jewish Board of Deputies is a direct agent of suppression of the Palestinians, a direct fascist agency, given refuge by the SA government. These fascists are expelling African Jews and Palestinians from historic Palestine. By giving in to the Zionists, the Labia gives support to fascism.


The people who we want to listen to are currently locked up in the Zionist gulag. These are the Palestinians who have the full right to come and address us, not the fascists.


We call for a total boycott of the screening of the movie under the eyes of the Zionists on 7th June  2012 at 1815 at the Labia. We call for the producers of the Movie and all the Palestine solidarity groups and movements to take it to the townships to show it to the masses, not under the eyes of Zionists. If the Palestine Solidarity groups are unwilling to do this, we will do it.


The R2K is promoting zionism and fascism.

Away with Zionism! The Labia and the ‘left’ is capitulating to fascism.

Forward to a 1-state Palestine.

We remember  Cde Xolile ‘Boss’ Nxu who visited Palestine. He was strip-searched by the Mossad right here in South Africa- at OR Tambo airport, where ex-Minister of Intelligence, Ronnie Kassrils, gave them free reign to search any passenger en route to historic Palestine. Away with Zionism-fascism in SA.

 31st May 2012

Workers International Vanguard Party, (formerly Workers International Vanguard League)

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