Egypt: Prepare the way for a general strike to bring down the military regime

On the 14th Aug 2013 the US-backed Egyptian military violently broke up the 2 main camps of protestors of the Muslim Brotherhood and the anti-coup Alliance in the al Nahda and Raba’a districts in Cairo. Hundreds of protestors (some say as many as 2200,if not more) were shot dead by live ammunition from the guns of the military and the police. Some of the protestors were burnt alive in the tents they had set up and had camped in for the past month since Morsi had been arrested.  

Why did imperialism feel it was necessary to break up the protests?

As long as the protests against the military regime and the interim government were continuing, there was a threat not only to the regime but to the puppet regimes in the whole region; in other words, the domination by imperialism of the whole region was threatened. Given that once again the masses in Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, Bahrain, Greece, Syria are all on the march and the regimes there are by no means stable, imperialism had to act to decisively put out the flame that could spark a revolution against its control of the region and beyond. Even Saudi Arabia, which has 12 million Egyptian migrants working there, was under threat. The masses in Israel are also increasingly realizing that their biggest enemy is the Zionist regime. Already there had been tent cities of the youth demanding proper and cheaper housing, inspired by the Tahrir square uprisings, so imperialism wanted to snuff out any sustained resistance against its rule that could serve as a spark for further revolt- in many countries around the globe the masses are seeking a way out of the misery of the capitalist attacks on their lives- every capitalist regime is under threat- all of these factors led to imperialism deciding to drown the anti-military protests in blood.

Why do we say that US imperialism is behind the massacres?

Every imperialist power, from Germany, UK, France, Japan to the USA have faced revolts of varying degrees from the masses on home soil- thus we can say that they all supported the massacres in Egypt by the military regime. But it is US imperialism that has directed the massacres of 14th August:

·         Throughout the period of 3 decades of Mubarak’s rule, US imperialism gave the Egyptian military over $60bn in aid

·         The bulldozers, tanks, armoured vehicles, rifles, machine guns and bullets used in the crackdown all came from the USA;

·         Every year 500 officers of the Egyptian army graduate from US military schools;

·         The current head of the navy and the main coup leader, Al Sisi, both recently graduated from Pennsylvania military academies;

·         During the time of Morsi the US continued direct military aid to the Egyptian military

·         The pre-emptive coup by the military on the 3rd July, could not have been carried out if it was not directly supported by US imperialism;

·         Even after the massacres of the 14th August, US imperialism is continuing to send direct military aid of $1.6bn to the Egyptian military.   [The cancellation of the ‘joint military exercise’ with the US army, is to cover that the crackdown of the 14th August was a joint military exercise as US imperialism has at least 600 troops and advisors permanently stationed in Cairo]

·         In fact the crackdown can be seen as one of the operations of Africom, the US military command structure that oversees its actions in Africa

·         The massacres by the Egyptian military up to the 14th August and in the days ahead, is a continuation of US imperialist policy in Africa, as witnessed by the masses in the DRC who for many years have suffered at the hands of militias and armies that are directed by US military advisors on the ground and funding by US imperialist state and companies.

The way forward- immediate preparation for a General Strike

The convening of any Constituent Assembly without restrictions and any step towards direct control by the masses over their lives and the wealth they produce, is only possible if the military regime is overthrown. Already the military has appointed 25 ‘new’ governors, of whom 19 are ex-generals from the Mubarak era and 2 are ex-judges, also from the time of Mubarak.

We call for the setting up of joint strike committees based in every workplace and in every residential area of the masses- these committees should be directly elected in general meetings and have delegates irrespective of religious belief, whether employed or unemployed, whether local or immigrant. Farmworkers from the commercial farms should also set up their committees as well as the poor peasants should also have their own committees that link up with the rest of the grassroots committees. They should also actively organise rank and file soldiers to send delegates to these committees. It is these grassroots committees that should form the basis of a new workers’ government. These grassroots committees should mobilise for a general strike to bring down the military regime and its interim government. The Tamarod grassroots committees should break from the central leadership who support the military regime. We condemn the ‘Revolutionary Socialists’ whose call not to defend the protests of the Muslim Brotherhood, actually aided the military regime in its massacres up to the 14th August. Defence of the protests does not mean we support the Muslim Brotherhood’s political aims, merely that we defend them from attacks of the military regime, the real power in Egypt today.

We condemn any attacks on the mosques and churches- these play into the hands of imperialism to divert the masses from the fight against the military regime. In fact, looking at the current situation in Iraq, imperialism is likely to be actively hiring their thugs and mercenaries to launch attacks on mosques and churches to create a ‘fact’ out of nothing- the masses should be on the lookout for this and take the necessary preventative measures such as joint protection of such places.

·         Release all the prisoners of the military including the steel worker representatives

·         Those who have committed crimes against the masses should face a workers’ tribunal

·         For the unrestricted right to gather and protest- for the immediate lifting of the state of emergency

·         Expel all US troops and military advisors from Egypt

·         Tear down the Rafah border with Gaza

·         Stop the gas exports to Israel;

·         Close the US and Israeli embassies

·         For the expropriation without compensation of all capitalists and generals who benefitted from the rule of Mubarak and Morsi, for these assets to be placed under workers’ control

·         For world wide protests at US and Egyptian embassies against the massacres and the coup govt

·         For the masses in the USA to launch sustained political protests at the White House and other political institutions- unless the political arm of the 1% is defeated, your/our exploitation by the 1% will continue

·         Prepare the way to a revolutionary general strike to bring down with the military regime and its interim government

·         Forward to a workers’ government

·         For mass protests in North Africa, Middle East against all the US puppet regimes and other capitalist regimes- spread the revolt into Europe, from Brazil and Chile to the whole of the Americas, from Bahrain and China to the whole of Asia.

·         For the formation of a new revolutionary working class party in Egypt, the USA, and internationally.  

We condemn the ANC govt for conducting joint military exercises with the US military, which is even against its own Mangaung resolutions against Africom actions in Africa.

15th Aug 2013 Workers International Vanguard Party email website ph or sms [27]822020617   address: 1st Floor, Community House, 41 Salt River rd, Salt River, 7925 South Africa