US imperialism is behind the Boston bombing

On Sunday 14th April 2013 there were bomb explosions at the marathon and at the JFK library in Boston.  We say that there is strong evidence that US imperialism was behind these cowardly and despicable acts.

Imperialism has a history of lies and deception to justify war

There are countless examples of how imperialism has falsified events to justify an invasion and war. The most infamous recent example was in Iraq in 2003 when US imperialism lied that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was a middle income country; now its capital, Baghdad, ranks the lowest of 221 countries in terms of standard of living, lower even than Bangui of the Central African Republic, which has been wracked with imperialist-backed coups since 1960. In the process of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars the US military and other US monopolies gained massive profits from over $3 trillion costs. This was at a time of generalised stagnation of the world economy. In this period, artificial hikes in house prices and commodities were how imperialism-capitalism maintained their rate of profit.

The US masses have awoken from their slumber

Slowly, it has dawned on the US soldiers and the masses in general, that they were lied to; that thousands of US soldiers died and tens of thousands more were maimed for the profits of the war monopolies and banks. The rejection of the profiteering by the US banks at their expense was best expressed by the Occupy Wall Street movement , through the slogan, ‘we are the 99% against the 1%’. At its height, more than half of the US population were sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street movement. At times the Iraq war veterans marched in the streets throwing their medals away. In other words, not only was there a split in the US military and the base which had unquestioningly supported invasion upon invasion and war upon war by US imperialism, began to revolt against being used as cannon fodder for the 1%. While hundreds of thousands of US troops could easily be swept up to support the invasion of Iraq in 2003, in 2011 no such mass invasion of Libya by imperialism could take place. US imperialism was constrained to air strikes mainly. Further, US imperialism has been forced to withdraw their large scale troop presence from Iraq and is set to leave Afghanistan. This is not through the kindness of the hearts of the imperialists but because of the revolt of the US soldier and the US masses.

The revolt of the US soldiers and masses has had the following impact:

·         The use of US troops to terrorise the masses of the world on behalf of the US monopolies is severely curtailed

·         The US military has been forced to make use of subcontractor agencies and drones as they have difficulty in persuading the US masses that these wars are worth fighting

·         The expenditure and thus profits of the US war monopolies have been constrained.

·         When Obama was first elected, he had to pose as being ‘antiwar’, promising even to close down Guantanamo Bay military prison.

·         There are greater possibilities for revolution around the globe as the possibility of a mass US troop deployment to crush these, is greatly decreased.

The growing revolt of the masses and the ‘war on terror’

Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network has its origin when US imperialism mobilised radical Muslim bourgeois forces to expel the Russians (the Stalinist regime) from Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was funded and trained by US imperialism. US imperialism has since used individual terror attacks by Al Qaeda as a cover for military invasions around the world. They also used the threat of terror and Al Qaeda, to begin to roll back the democratic gains of the working class, such as freedom of speech, freedom to organise, freedom of association, etc. The rise of the Patriot Act and various other anti-terror laws which are in reality a reflection of the rise of police states and increasing fascistic measures. This is because the traditional leaderships of the masses that have held the masses in check for decades, have become exposed, unable to control the masses on their own. Thus increasingly world capitalism-imperialism uses the traditional leaderships of the masses and brute force to maintain control, especially now when open fraud and theft of workers’ pensions and cuts in wages, over-inflated food and energy prices, have become more generalised.

From 2001, for a period of about 6-7 years, imperialism managed to draw many  more in the Middle East into the dead-end of individual terror. Gradually, the masses realised that all individual terror does, is give the state an excuse to crackdown on the masses and the few activists that there are, land up being decimated. From 2011 there has been a break with individual terror and a return to mass revolt as shown through the uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, Greece, Chile, Malawi, South Africa, Syria, Portugal, Spain and indeed the USA. Such was the crisis in the USA, with both Democratic and Republican parties discredited, that imperialism had to get an Obama, out of nowhere, promising to meet the masses anti-war demands, in order to maintain control and prevent a generalised revolt against the US regime on home soil. The current wave sweeping the world of the masses threatening the regimes, in some respects, started in the USA.

Since 2008 the leaderships of the masses and their bourgeois ‘opposition’ further exposed themselves, through launching massive cutbacks and attacks on the masses. These leaderships have become increasingly discredited; so much so that imperialism has realised that they do not have the leaders to control the masses. There have been waves through Europe of parliamentary change of regimes, and the rise of greater support for the broad left. But even such parliamentary left have been rapidly discredited as they too continued the attacks on the masses. With a weakened parliamentary apparatus, imperialism has turned increasingly to brute force to contain revolt. This is the background to a greater move to limit democratic gains and to use open force to control the masses.

Imperialism has used individual terror to divide the masses and to break their resistance. For example in Iraq, to break the masses along ethnic lines, imperialism created the myth of a Sunni- Shia divide by launching terror attacks on Sunni and Shia religious targets. US company Blackwater, others and the UK military have been implicated in launching attacks on civilians in Iraq, deliberately fanning violence between Shia and Sunni, where there had been little history of such conflict before. US imperialism has also used mercenaries from South Africa to terrorise the Iraqi masses, and more recently such mercenaries have been redeployed to Libya to help prop up the puppet regime of the TNC. In Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, imperialism launches attacks on civilians to terrorise the masses into submission.

The US regime is a regime of crisis

US imperialism cannot depend on its own military on home soil (sections of the military have been marching against the 1%, the real bosses of the state). It needed a cover to build up a force to act to crush any revolutionary uprising. The Boston bombing creates such a cover. The black shirts, a militarised police force, with armoured vehicles, miniature tanks and high calibre weapons, were deployed as a show of force in Boston to intimidate the entire US masses to show them what they would be up against in the case of a widespread revolt. Such militarised police, rapidly set up and armed, has been trialed elsewhere on the globe, such as facing the Lonmin miners at Marikana, South Africa.

The decline of the Occupy Wall Street movement was not an indication that class hatred and antagonisms of the masses for the regime was weakening, on the contrary, the hatred for the regime is getting stronger and deeper. The masses are realizing the limitations of the Occupy Wall Street movement and that it is necessary to revolt against the very political regime that acts for the 1% and not for the masses. The greater stayaway from the polls in the recent Presidential election was an indication of an increasing break of the masses with electoralism.  It is only a matter of time before a more generalised revolt of the Tunisian type breaks out in the USA, not only against the banks but against the political regime of the US. The build-up and deployment of a militarised police has already been done, awaiting only a moment to justify its existence and open activity, to pre-empt a revolution on home soil. Such was the opportunity presented by the Boston bombing.

Half the prisoners in Gauntanamo Bay, some 86 or more, despite being tried in a military court and denied a civilian court, were found not guilty. Yet the US regime refuses to release them. The regime argued that they could not be released as the ‘war on terror’ was still on. To justify, not only the continued existence of Guantanamo Bay prison, but also the multi-trillion dollar military budget, the 1% desperately needed an incident to show that indeed, ‘terrorists’ were indeed at work and of course, ‘the USA is under attack’. In their haste the US regime allocated an extra $200 million to expand and upgrade Guantanamo Bay- even before the Boston bombing. We can expect the military to begin to argue that the US troops should stay longer in Afghanistan and the region, possibly seeking to expand their wars to Iran. But first they have to convince the US masses and the soldiers that this is indeed necessary. This will be a very difficult task as the masses have already identified the 1% as their enemy.

Contradictions already emerging in the aftermath of the Boston bombing

·         It has been reported that in the period up to the bombing that there was a flurry of sale of shares in anticipation of a rapid drop in share prices after the bombing. Did some capitalists know when the bombing was going to take place and thus positioned themselves to sell shares at a relatively high price and then repurchase them once the share price had dropped?

·         The father, mother and uncle of the 2 accused vehemently claim that the 2 brothers have been framed, they had no weapons  and that they have no link with any ‘radical Islam’ group and thus with Al Qaeda (the elder brother was hoping to become a boxer for the US Olympic team, while the younger brother had received a scholarship to study medicine and had a bright future ahead of him).

·         Early bourgeois reports indicate that US imperialism was blaming al Qaeda, a group which they fund and direct;

·         Mini tanks, custom apparently custom-built for withstanding pressure-cooker cluster bombs, suddenly made their appearance in Boston- how did they know such attacks would take place?

·         Craft International, a group similar to Blackwater, had several operatives at the marathon, wearing black jackets and wearing bags similar to the ones used for the bombs;(as we indicated, Blackwater are specialists in bombing of civilians). The motto of Craft International is that ‘violence does solve problems’. It was started by a sniper that had the most executions in Iraq for the US occupation forces.

·         Video pictures of the younger brother show that he had a bag that was either empty or virtually empty, so how could he have been carrying a pressure cooker in it?

·         The initial reports refer to a third bombing at JFK library but there have been no reports on this since.

·         The lockdown of Boston by the police was an exercise to intimidate the masses, with the police focusing on arms held by US citizens, using the cover of a search for the bombers.

Conclusion and way forward

The political context and the contradictions mentioned above support our contention that US imperialism were behind the Boston bombing and the 2 brothers have been framed as perpetrators of this dastardly and cowardly attack.

There should be protests calling for the disbanding of the military police, the closure of Guantanamo Bay, the prosecution and shutting down of Blackwater company, a campaign for the shutting down of all US military bases around the globe, for workers’ control over the arms industry, the expropriation of the war companies’ profits, compensation to be paid to the masses in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, for the crimes of US imperialism; immediate cutting of military aid to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other oppressive regimes and militias. Expropriate the banks, centralise them into one bank, without compensation to the capitalists, placing this under workers control.  

We repeat our call for an Occupy White House movement to mass protest all the political offices of US imperialism, centrally and in every state, forming workers committees at every workplace and in every working class area. Hand in hand with this goes the formation of self-defence committees. We need a workers’ government based on the worker committees. There is the need for a revolutionary working class International, with working class parties in the USA, all its neo-colonies and indeed across the globe. This is the way to get justice for the victims of the Boston bombing and indeed for all the crimes of US imperialism.

Forward to Socialism.

Issued by Workers International Vanguard Party,

Email: 20.4.2013