Down with the SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces); Down with the interim government

We condemn the attacks by the military, launched by General Sisi and the SCAF on the protests in Nasr City, Alexandria and elsewhere, using live ammunition to shoot down unarmed protestors on Friday 26th July 2013. We also condemn the central leadership of the Tamarod and other pro-capitalist groups that have supported the call of the generals to launch attacks on ‘terrorism’. More than 120 have been killed. We repeat our call for the rank and file Tamarod groups to break from the central leadership.

Much less of the masses attended the rallies called by the generals than in the period from 30 June to 3 July. Many who went to the rallies indicated that they were going to oppose the rule of Morsi and not to support the crackdown called for by the generals. There were even the beginnings of groups starting to protest using the slogan: No Morsi, No Sisi, ie against the military rule as well. There were also thousands of protestors calling for an end to the military rule and for the reinstatement of Morsi. Thus the generals did not get the overwhelming ‘mandate’ they were hoping for, to clear the streets of any opposition to them. It showed that the rule by the military is not as strong as the mass media and imperialism would like to claim.

The military regime is a puppet of US imperialism

After the massacres of 27th July 2013 it is more clear to the masses that the military is not a ‘mediator’ between groups but is the one that is the real power in Egypt. The attacks in Nasr City were directly launched by the military against the protestors. This was not to separate ‘different groups’.

Further, the charge by the military that the Muslim Brotherhood was involved in organizing prison breaks in the lead up to the deposing of Mubarak, shows that the Generals are the direct agents of the feloul (the remnants of the Mubarak regime) and US imperialism. These were Mubarak’s prisons, which means that Morsi is being charged with crimes against the Mubarak regime. Well, in that case all the masses should be put on trial as the millions took to the streets and ousted Mubarak. This shows that the military represents counter-revolution, trying to roll back the gains made by the Egyptian masses. By concocting allegations against Hamas, US imperialism wanted to divide the Egyptian masses from the Palestinians.

In Mali last year, a military coup was organised to pre-empt the masses taking power. This was supported by an invasion by French imperialism that has suppressed the masses. Now that the masses have been neutralised, a sham election is being held to create the semblance of capitalist stability that imperialism needs to continue to exercise control.

No invasion by US troops into Egypt is possible as the masses are fiercely anti-imperialist and the masses in the USA would not allow this. So imperialism has to depend directly on the Egyptian military to maintain control on its behalf. There are over 12 million Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia and this is why the Saudi regime were quick to offer billions of dollars to the military regime to prop it up. US imperialism, which controls the region, wants to maintain absolute control in Egypt as they know that if the masses take control there, the rule of capitalism imperialism in the region is under direct threat. Tahrir square and the Egyptian revolution has inspired masses around the world, so all of imperialism is concerned to have the revolution crushed.

The way forward

We call for the setting up of a United Front of all forces against the military regime. The call should be for an end to the military regime and the interim government that was appointed by it.

We call for grassroots committees to be expanded to be based on delegates of workers, unemployed and rank and file soldiers. It is these committees that should set up a workers government.

For those who call for a Revolutionary Constituent Assembly or a Constituent Assembly, the question remains: Who will convene it? The military? As long as the military regime is intact any assembly will be a sham, limited by the dictates of imperialism and the generals. Thus the first task is for the military regime to be overthrown.

·         For freedom of association

·         For the unrestricted right to protest

·         Free the prisoners of the military

·         For the expropriation of all imperialist and capitalist assets, without compensation, placing these under workers control- this is the path to bread, work and an end to high prices

·         For those involved in crimes against the masses to face a worker’s tribunal

We call for international protest actions against the massacres by the Egyptian military which have been directed by US and world imperialism.