Dear Comrades

The news of the falling of cde Dan Molefe makes us saddened. Indeed it was the stress, the violence of the system against him that has killed him. We live in a rich country. There are many minerals, gold, diamonds, platinum and many others, yet most of this wealth is carried off by Anglo American and other monopolies. There are many studies that show that the mines carry off at least R1000 bn in profits and through theft every year. This is more than enough to create jobs for all and to overnight build decent houses for all. Yet everywhere most are unemployed or have low wages and millions are homeless.

The government has all the means to build houses for all yet they deliberately keep us homeless so that the banks can make money off huge housing prices and loans. What the community did and what cde Dan did, was not a crime; we all resisted homelessness which was never supposed to be there. The crime is done by the state that denies us housing and allows the big bosses to carry off all the wealth that we produce.

We propose that we extend our campaign to help take care of the family of the comrade, namely his 19 year old daughter, Refilwe and his grandchild, 4 month old Lehape.

We want to assure you that around the country and around the world, the names of cde Dan Molefe and of the Boiketlong 4 and your contribution to the struggle is known, we will never forget it. Even from Argentina, where the oil workers of Las Heras leaders are in prison their families and comrades know of our struggle and support us; they send their greetings on this sad day.

Even today as the the capitalist and imperialist is trying to kill independent activists in revolutionary Aleppo and Syria, by surrounding them with 5 armies and bombing them daily from the air with barrel bombs, the struggle of the Boiketlong 4 is known. The same imperialist that is denying us housing and who are stealing from us here, are trying to kill off a generation of the best fighters in Syria, whose only crime is standing up against a brutal dictator Assad, who is like their local Mugabe, only a 100 times worse.

Today, after 4 years, Aleppo has resisted and may fall; yet the masses resist; even if it does fall temporarily, we want the world masses to know that we all fight the same fight, we may be in a different place but we fight the same enemy. we need to realise that, tomorrow the same imperialist may want to bomb us here and indeed already we are being killed with hunger and stress, different tools but terrorising us nevertheless.

The masses in the world and in the country are rising and this we celebrate. we need to get more organised. Above all, we need t build a revolutionary working class party that unites activists from all over the world. Never again should we allow revolutionaries and activists anywhere in the world to be isolated.

Our simple message to you is :

the masses in Boiketlong will continue to resist, we will not go down;
just as in Aleppo, we will not go down, they may force us out briefly but the revolution lives.

Cde Dan Molefe, always present until the day of Socialism!

revolutionary greetings
10 Dec 2016

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