On the 7th October 2023 Palestinian uprising

On the 7th October 2023 waves of Palestinian militants broke down parts of the wall that besieges Gaza and launched a military operation in the south of occupied Palestine. They targeted military bases, overwhelming 21 of them including the southern command of the Zionist army. They also targeted police stations. In other words the core of the operation was purely military, against the state apparatus that is not only oppressing millions of Palestinians but also keeping millions of Jewish workers in enslavement, albeit on more ’democratic’ basis.

The nature of the Zionist state

Without imperialist support of billions of dollars every year the Zionist state apparatus would crumble. It would not exist. All imperialist powers support israel. They share in the common exploitation and division of the masses in the entire Middle East. In this they use the Jewish worker on spurious religious grounds as cannon fodder to do their dirty work and terrorise all the masses in the region. The Israeli oligarchy enrich themselves from the crumbs of the imperialist table. They have even weakened their own courts so that they can be more openly manipulated by the Israeli oligarchs. Both Jewish and Palestinian have semitic ancestors that are close cousins, yet the media and religious groups pretend that they are worlds apart.

This same state of the Israeli oligarchs is now again barking that Jewish soldiers and youth be sacrificed to attack the Palestinian masses. The slaughter of the innocent Palestinians, which this year has reached an unprecedented high, is now being intensified. Yet it is in the common interest of both the Jewish and Palestinian masses to overturn the state of the Israeli oligarchs. It is contradictory to march for 4 days a week against the Israeli regime and then on 3 days act on behalf of the same state and go and suppress the Palestinians.

There is enough room for all the Palestinian refugees to be allowed to return to Palestine and for the current Jewish population to remain there. Joint committees of the rank and file could be set up and a joint national assembly decide in a democratic manner on the land question and on all issues of mutual common interest. No oligarch or capitalist should be allowed representation here. Delegates should be subject to instant recall by their constituencies on a basis of one representative for 10 000 people, including the Palestinians in exile.

The Lion’s Den

The inspiration for this current uprising comes from the secular Lion’s den who creatively armed themselves for defence against the state of the oligarchs. With very little weapons they rose up against the state of the oligarchs and are opposed to the PA who they regard as a puppet of the Zionist and imperialist.

Now is the time for independent workers committees of the masses in the entire region to bring down all the repressive regimes, from Egypt to the Zionists, to the Lebanese, to the Syrian, to the Saudis, to Jordan, etc.

The international question

Today the imperialist states are in deep crisis. Every single one of them is wanting to cut back on the benefits of the working class on home soil. Yet, these robber regimes, that are cutting education, health care, rights of workers, are wanting to continue to bankroll the state of the Zionist oligarchs in the brutal suppression of the Palestinian and to a lesser extent the Jewish masses. What will be decisive in the solidarity with the Palestinian masses will be the entering of the masses in the imperialist centres into mass action against their own regimes, to say, not one cent more for Zionism. Down with any regime that supports Zionism. Workers’ blockade against of the regime of the oligarchs. Lift the siege on Gaza and the West Bank. The walls must fall.

One Palestine, no bantustan! No to partition. Return of all refugees. Forward to workers’ unity.

Workers International Vanguard League (WIVL).

Salt River

South Africa

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8th Oct 2023

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