Open letter to the masses in the USA- defend the Palestinian masses

We salute the hundreds of staffers and interns from the lowest levels of state up to the President’s office, for taking a principled stand to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and justice for Palestinians. You are standing on the proud traditions of the American people who rose up, weapons in hand, and decisively broke through revolutionary mass action, from the oppressive, colonial British crown in 1775.

We call on you to rebuild these traditions that monopoly capital and its iron grip on the state apparatus, has trampled upon.

We remind you of the Second Amendment and its history. Please read up again on it (see extract below from the US Congress website).

The Second Amendment in full states:

‘ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’

The context was that the British monarch abused his power and used the standing army to silence dissidents and to enhance colonial rule and oppression. The American people correctly had a distrust of the standing army and was in favour of the general arming of the people as the only safeguard against a state usurping power and using it against the people.

There are a number of important conclusions that follow from the Second Amendment:

  1. Hamas and other Palestinian militias have the right to exist: It follows that in order to safeguard the masses in historic Palestine from the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli state, it is necessary to not only have armed militias of the masses but that they should be supported and their existence defended.
  2. The Israeli regime and the PA have usurped the power of the state to oppress the masses: The Netanyahu regime and the PA are the common enemies of both the Israeli masses and the Palestinian masses. This Israeli regime has abused its control over the state to bolster the standing army to not only systematically oppress both Palestinian and Israeli masses but is trying to wipe out or weaken the militias of the Palestinian masses.
  3. The Arms industry and the US banks have usurped control over the US state. There have been decades in which the interests of the large banks and the Arms industry has dominated control over the US state. This reinforces the need for the re-establishment of grassroots militias that can bring the US state once again under the control of the people. The shipping of thousands of bombs to the Israeli regime by the US state is a blatant breach of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Second Amendment in particular. These bombs have been used by the colonial power that the US state and its allies in the Netanyahu regime represents, to oppress the Palestinians. This is especially so as the stated aim is to wipe out the very Militias that the Second Amendment declares has a right and duty to exist. The very bombs, military intelligence and hardware is being largely used to terrorise the Palestinian masses as well as the Israeli masses that oppose this oppression. The bombing of civilians including children, women, medics, academics, schools, churches, mosques, universities goes against the very essence of the values of the US Constitution. This has to stop.
  4. Immediate steps to take: The immediate termination of provision of all Arms sent to the Israeli regime and seizure of any stock that may have been delivered and unused. The immediate setting up of a no-fly zone over Gaza; the immediate withdrawal of all Israeli troops from Gaza and their confinement to base. All reservists to be allowed to return home. The immediate cessation of rockets fired from Gaza and Lebanon as these may injure civilians. The active arming of the Palestinian militias with more modern and effective weapons as a deterrent to the state armed forces of Israel. Active disarming of the settlers in the West Bank. An immediate ceasefire and active steps for medical support, food to all the residents in Gaza and supply of infrastructure for rebuilding of all residential buildings and recovery of the bodies under the rubble for proper and humane burials. A process for the rapid release of all captives of the Israeli state and the Palestinian resistance. A process for the return of all Palestinian refugees and the urgent convening of a Constituent Assembly (CA) involving the Israeli and Palestinian masses on the basis of 1 delegate per 10 000 people. These delegates should be not linked to any group that controlled the Israeli state or who represents big capital interests. These delegates to be subject to instant recall and not earn more than the wage of an average skilled worker. This CA to set up an interim government that is made up of delegates that are not linked to any monopoly capital group. The CA should decide on the process of disbandment of the Armed forces of the state and the setting up of joint militias of the Palestinians and Israeli reservists. These militias should be under the control of the new democratic structures that are set up and should be a safeguard against the structures of state ever being usurped by any power group that has interest against the united mass. A process of reparations and restorative justice for all Palestinian refugees expelled since 1948. It follows that the walls around Gaza and in and around the West Bank to be torn down from both sides.
  5. The Republicans and Democrats both represent private interest that has usurped the powers of state. The setting up of armed militias in the US, including military veterans that will purge the structures of the state of the private interests and bring the state once more under the control of the people. The disbanding of all the one thousand US military bases around the globe and the repatriation of all soldiers back home to take up their positions either in the grassroots militias or in active economic life. Confining of the use of militias locally and internationally only to oppose repressive regimes and to support real grassroots control by the people. Once the basis of all repressive regimes have been rooted out, the steady disbanding of the need for any militias or any armed forces.

Issued by Workers International Vanguard League

6 December 2023

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[ Study the Extract from US Congress website: on the Second Amendment. ]

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