On the coup in Bolivia

On the 12th Nov 2019 Evo Morales was forced by the Bolivian military and police, to step down as President, even though his term officially ran until January 2020. Try as they did to argue that it was not a coup, the Economist demonstrates the opposite. Further evidence of a coup is that by the 12th November 2019, even though there was no parliamentary quorum, Jeanine Anez declared herself acting President. There has been no evidence of electoral fraud to the scale that would justify a second round of the bourgeois elections. The US, the EU and Russia have recognised the coup regime under Anez, showing how desperate imperialism is to prop it up.

As of the 23rd Nov 2019 more than 30 protestors against the coup regime have been killed- Anez has given the security forces wide powers to attempt to smash the widespread workers and peasants rebellion. Thousands of mine workers and poor peasants have gathered in El Alto and have blockaded the capital La Paz. Between the 20th Oct 2019 elections and the 12th Nov 2019 coup there have been mass mobilisations of the middle class, which has been backed by the reactionary capitalist class of the Media Luna. Morales used to have the support of the Media Luna capitalists but he has lost their support as the capitalists and imperialists look for a new means to control the working class and peasant masses. The the absence of a social force their option is through brute force, a coup regime. However the deep tradition of struggle of the Bolivian masses will not allow it.

In 2016 Morales lost a referendum over extending presidential terms. The courts later gave him the go ahead but the referendum signalled to the capitalist class that Morales had lost his ability to control the masses on behalf of imperialism. Without a credible social leadership to control the masses imperialism has chosen the road of a coup regime. The leadership of the trade union federation, the COB, has refused to call a general strike against the coup regime, showing that they are playing the role of defenders of the capitalist order.

We call for the rank and file soldiers to break from the coup generals and for the mass arming of the workers and poor peasants.

For committees of workers, soldiers and poor peasants.

Down with the coup regime

Expropriate all the oil, gas, banks, agribusiness and other industries, without compensation and to be placed under workers control.

Forward to a workers government based on the committees of workers and poor peasants.


23 Nov 2019

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