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24 July 2016


From May to July: a giant mass offensive in Khantoman, Aleppo, Daraya...

The masses begin to take the destiny of the fighting against genocide by Bashar the dog, in their hands.

While the exploited break the siege to Aleppo (the capital of the resistance), reach the center of the city and taking over the banks, the FSA generals are busy making agreements with Al-Assad to save the property of the bourgeoisie as a whole.

The leftists servile to Obama (US imperialism) continue with their siege of silence and slander against the Syrian revolution.

If the Syrian masses are subordinated to bourgeois generals, only blood, misery and hunger is achieved

We must break with these businessmen who lead us to defeat!

For a worker and poor people’s leadership for the war!

Let's set up again the coordination committees!

A man, a gun! Militias elect their leaders!

Let's expropriate without payment and under workers control, the oil companies, banks and all capitalists to solve the problem of bread and put all these resources to win the war!

Let's defeat Bashar the dog in Damascus! Let's break the siege to Aleppo!

It was 2010, in Tunisia, a young unemployed computer engineer had his cart of fruits and vegetables for sale, confiscated by the police. Seeing in despair that he couldn’t do anything to earn a living, he decided to immolate, spraying fuel and setting himself on fire. His circumstances symbolized the conditions of all the exploited of the Maghreb and the Middle East, who no longer had bread due to a brutal generalized price increase of between 200% and 400%, notably on food. Thus, Mohamed Bouazizi was the flame that ignited the fire throughout the region, where the exploited won the streets in amazing revolutions that toppled Governments and brutally autocratic regimes. Ben Ali fell in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt and Qadafi in Libya. In the latter country masses armed themselves and set up their militias, destroying the bourgeois state. 

Syria was on its way to become a new Libya. In a string of local insurrections, the masses ousted the dog Bashar’s troops and liberated almost 60% of the Syrian territory. They were at the gates of Damascus. US imperialism saw that the last mainstay of Zionism was falling, which threatened its borders; however imperialism also faced a huge limitation: due to the reaction of its own working class after the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it was impeded from sending its army to launch new invasions.

The US Government had a new "Vietnam syndrome". So it sent its agent Bashar to wage a brutal massacre, which still continues with a genocide of more than half a million dead and half of the Syrian population was forced to leave their homes and live as refugees in tents or in the middle of nowhere, inside or outside Syria. So Bashar al Assad performed the dirty work for all imperialist powers, and had his hands free to do it thanks to the fence of silence and slander that was set up around the Syrian masses, which resulted in its isolation from the world proletariat. This siege was carried out on behalf of imperialism by the WSF (World Social Forum) and the Renegades of Marxism and the left of Obama (the pro-imperialist ‘left’).

But the Syrian masses remained standing despite facing massacre after massacre. Imperialism concentrated all their counter-revolutionary forces in Syria to break that chain of revolutions engulfing the entire region, that even put in question the borders of the Zionist enclave and began to unify with the actions of the working class in Europe and the United States [against the imperialist-capitalist regimes].

Imperialism instructed its different agents to take care of the property of the bourgeoisie, first of all the oil companies. Some of these agents (FSA and Jabhat al Nusra, and even ISIS) presented themselves as friends of the people (either "democratic" or "Islamic") and went to the interior of the mass movement to control it, to dissolve any attempt by the masses to put up organs of dual power and prevent them from expropriating the property of capitalists. Others (the Iranian ayatollahs, the mercenaries of Hezbollah and Putin's White Army), were sent in to support and help the Al Assad  regime when it was falling, while others were commissioned to maintain the siege of silence and slander so that no worker in the world dares to send aid to his/her Syrian brothers and sisters (this role was played by the global left and the Renegades of Marxism and reformist-without-reforms parties).

Imperialism has a plan: dividing the exploited and subjecting them to their various torturers to end  up in supporting Bashar the dog

Six and a half years Obama takes steps to begin openly supporting his watchdog Bashar, the most genocidal government in recent decades. That was the aim of the Geneva conferences, including the division of the exploited masses to stifle the revolution. 

The first counter-revolutionary Covenant to begin suffocating the Syrian revolution was the "non-aggression" pact between the Kurdish bourgeoisie and Bashar the dog, which separated the heroic Kurdish masses from their Syrian class brothers and sisters, who had grown up side by side and fought together shoulder to shoulder against the Assad regime. This covenant imposed not only "non-aggression" but also the collaboration between the YPG (the military arm of the Kurdish bourgeoisie in Syria) and the forces of Bashar.

Another counter-revolutionary Pact that divided the front of the Syrian revolution against the regime was an undeclared covenant of "non-aggression" between the ISIS and Bashar... which proved to be a real pact of aggression against the masses. ISIS had been commanded by imperialism to control Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor provinces when the masses there rose up, expelling troops from the regime. Isis was sent to prevent them from taking over the oil wells located there. ISIS men could enter, demagogically waving fake anti-imperialist credentials of ‘fights’ against the US they had allegedly waged and carrying lots of money to give alms and contain the masses.

But all that was to be mounted to impose a strict control based on its military apparatus and its narrow interpretation of Koranic law. Thus, they not only guarded the property of the imperialist oil companies; they were responsible for controlling and suffocating the insurrectional process, also gutting the best rebel vanguard. In the hands of the ISIS, Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor went from being insurgent provinces against dog Bashar to be a dead weight in the struggle to reach Damascus. 

From that position, ISIS made a deal with Al-Assad and turned their weapons against rebel areas instead of marching on Damascus. They only faced, very occasionally, Bashar’s troops when there was business in dispute. So at the beginning of January 2014 Isis launched an attack on the masses of Aleppo and Idlib, who, in addition to confronting Al-Assad, now also had to resist ISIS’ incursions.

This concentration of agents had to be centralized. For this, the imperialism Yankee led the so-called "Geneva Conferences". From there, Obama directed the operations of each of the agents on Syrian territory. His goal was to make Assad massacre the masses as much as he can; but he was not permitted to completely progress and impose himself over the entire Syrian territory. US imperialism wants to be in control of which group dominates and they want to determine how to advance the colonization of Syria. On the other hand, it knows the genocidal Government of Bashar would be too unstable to ensure imperialist business in a colonized Syria. Bashar’s role is that of an assassin, and once he reaches the end of his work, imperialism will cast him off as it did before with Milosevic. It needs to clean its bloodstained hands before the masses of the world. For that it plans to put in place a replacement Government, and for that it was preparing an agreement with the FSA, whose role is subduing and controlling the masses to impose on them a surrender and to force them to accept this agreement.

Ultimately, the Geneva plan was the Covenant between the different agents involved in Syria to impose, while sharing business, a defeat on the masses of the Syrian revolution and throughout the region –what amounts to a severe warning not to rise up again,  so that imperialism lays the basis for a "democratic transition" between the FSA and Bashar though a common Government and army.

But they could never impose any of these agreements on the masses. The FSA could never finish containing the masses sufficiently. The masses are adamant in not accepting genocidal Bashar as their government, or even letting anybody agree with him. Thus if the FSA appeared next to Al-Assad, it would immediately lose all credibility as a mechanism of control of the masses in the areas the latter had freed from the presence of the troops of the Bashar the dog.

Imperialism tried to, but never could settle this plan of Geneva due to the action of the masses. Similar deceptions were attempted with some success in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and until 2014 in Yemen, with Governments that were only channels (or agencies) to go back imposing the old autocracies that had ruled those countries for decades, by submitting the masses to imperialism and handing over all those nations’ wealth to them. In Syria they could never do that, since imperialism was never able to create another government different from that against which the revolutionary uprisings had gone. Moreover they always supported Bashar the dog, because he was carrying out the counter-revolutionary attack by means of genocide, on account of all the imperialist powers.

Imperialism did not want to remove him prematurely from the Government, because it knows that there are more than 10 million of internally displaced Syrians out of a population of 24 million. So, if imperialism had removed him, the masses could have seen that as their own triumph and returned to their destroyed homes and even called into question the property relations by which the Syrian bourgeoisie  control,  which is almost in its entirety still intact; meanwhile if that had happened the FSA would not have had sufficient control over the masses to prevent their eruption. Then, Obama played its part to keep Bashar in the Government, for the massacre to continue. So it does, even now. Yet the revolution is still alive. Neither the FSA nor Jabhat at the Nusra or any other agent whom imperialism commanded, controls it. ISIS is the only one containing the revolution in the areas it is established. But this could not imposed outside Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor.

Because of this, the unprecedented suffering of the Syrian masses intensifies every day. Hunger and despair pushed the masses to fight for survival, and they sought to solve these problems by directly attacking the property of the bourgeoisie. Having the FSA (together with Jabhat to al Nusra) caring for the bourgeois private property (factories, banks, etc.) in the areas that the masses had liberated, the exploited were earning a wage of only 20 dollars monthly. The same hardships are also endured by those who live in the areas dominated by Al-Assad.

The capitalist economy follows its course, even during war. The means of production continue to be privately owned, there is super exploitation of workers in factories and workshops (both in the areas of Bashar as in areas of the FSA and Jabhat al Nusra, not to mention in ISIS’ areas). Trade goes on, even between the different areas. The factory bosses in the liberated areas sell to everybody, Bashar included. He feeds his war machine by buying gasoline and diesel oil from ISIS areas. In short, FSA and ISIS also cater to Bashar and his genocidal army of mercenaries.

The movement of goods is ensured by checkpoints controlled by each of these groups, which are true bourgeois army-parties. In those checkpoints they also charge their taxes. Everything is bought and sold in Syrian liras, the official currency, which is printed on the central bank in Damascus. Through banks and exchange houses, the currency reaches all areas of Syria, whether they are controlled by Bashar or the FSA, Jabhat al Nusra or ISIS.

Driven by their unprecedented sufferings, and trying to stop the massacre, from May to July this year the masses returned to combat with their insurrectional method as in 2011, despite and against their leaderships

The situation of extreme deprivation could not be endured anymore. The trigger was early last May with Putin’s bombing of the tents in Sarmada where many Syrian IDPs lived. There was not only hunger and unprecedented misery... not even the refugees were safe from the massacre. And with all the anger and the will to succeed as only form of surviving, the masses marched from Idlib and from the West of the province of Aleppo (both "liberated areas") to sweep Assad’s and their allies’ troops, and caused a huge defeat to the regime and to their Iranian allies in the village of Khantoman, early last May.
From there, a new phase of Syria's civil war has been opened, in which the masses are trying to take in their hands the lead of the war and fight with their methods and not those which the FSA (leaders) were trying to impose. They sought to solve the problem of bread, which the FSA was preventing. They sought to have the weapons required to win the war, which the FSA zealously kept away from the frontlines and only used to subdue the masses. They sought to liberate their brothers and sisters who were crushed under the boot of the regime in the areas it still controls... something that the FSA has refused to do, because they don't want to move a meter more towards Damascus.

But for each action that advanced the masses in this sense, there was a counter-revolutionary response almost immediately and to the same level that the action that they had made.
The masses who had been victorious in Khantoman had imposed on them a leadership that diverted them toward exhausting and meaningless battles in an attempt to take away territory of towns and villages of neither military nor political or geostrategic importance; and at the same time, a fierce campaign of co-opting them to the military campaign of the FSA (under Turkish command) aiming to combat in the Syrian North confronting only ISIS and not Bashar.

The masses expropriated a textile factory under workers control in Urem al Kubra, a liberated zone west of Aleppo. The generals of the FSA could not prevent this takeover or evict the workers. Then came Assad’s aircraft and reduced the factory to rubble in the middle of June.

Fifteen hundred militiamen marched at the end of June to the barracks and arsenals of a division of the FSA Generals, announcing that they would break away from its command, but wanted their weapons, since these generals are far from the front and the militiamen are the only ones fighting the dog Bashar. Then a group of corrupt officials from the FSA disguised themselves as friends and accompanied the mobilization to take over its leadership from within; thus they achieved that, despite the rupture, the militiamen remain under their command and therefore linked to the FSA, at the same time as the clerics came out to defend the leadership position of those ‘generals without battle*’. [* ‘generals without battle’ refers to those generals who are leading the FSA but why do not go to the frontline where the battles are taking place, but give instructions from a distance. These FSA generals are all part of the Assad army but ‘defected’ to the side of the masses, to control from within].

Close to Damascus is the town of Daraya, a rebel area that was isolated for four years while resisting the advances of Bashar the dog. A few months ago the heroic masses of this area launched an attack on Hezbollah positions in the airport of Mazzah (on the outskirts of Daraya) where they inflicted a significant loss to the Lebanese group, killing one of its major political and military leaders, Mustafa Badder-eddin.  
After this action, the siege of Daraya was broken when the exploited were able to open a corridor to another of the rebel areas that was also fenced off, Moadamiya. But the FSA, from the Southern front, where it has huge armament and men as in the province of Dera'a and Swaidiya, called on them to maintain positions in their areas and not advance on Damascus nor did they join up with the rebel masses in Daraya and Moadamiya. It left them at the mercy of Bashar and especially Hezbollah, which launched a huge counter-attack with heavy forces returned to reimpose the siege on Daraya and set it on the verge of falling.

The District of Waer, in the city of Homs, had been the last bastion of insurgent masses before the fall of that city. At the end of this quarter last year the masses rose up again but were sold out by the FSA generals to Bashar’s troops in exchange for UNO crumbs. 
However, the masses refused to withdraw, even despite being under fierce direct attacks carried out by Assad’s mercenary occupation forces. In early May in the Waer neighborhood the masses rose again, entering into hard engagements with Assad’s mercenaries, through house to house and street to street battles, forcing them to withdraw from the city. As immediate response Bashar launched a military siege and a fierce aerial bombardment, and no general of the FSA launched any counter offensive against the dog, to join nor support the insurrectionists in al Waer.

Aleppo insurrection of July 11, marked a turning point

One of the most malicious betrayals the heroic masses of Syria have suffered, happened some weeks ago. The Dog Bashar, supported by thousands of mercenaries from Hezbollah and Russian aircraft, took by storm the last route linking Aleppo liberated neighborhoods with the suburbs, a route even reaching the border with Turkey through Bab al Hawa pass.

Evidently the dog Bashar sought surrender by famine of the resistance in Aleppo by cutting off the last supply road. In their turn the bourgeoisie of the FSA and their generals needed that route to continue trading and performing business. A gap opened of negotiation between al Assad’s men and the FSA. The masses’ desire to survive was stronger than any need for negotiating of these bourgeois, so they stormed through those gaps. Several young people and workers from various fractions of the FSA and Islamist wings unified and coordinated their forces, despite and against their leaderships, and launched a fierce attack against Bashar’s artillery, which was on the sides of Castello road (North of Aleppo). These young men were able to break the siege and advanced across the city, merging with a spectacular uprising of the masses within neighborhoods, even those controlled by al Assad’s scourge. They returned to the insurrectional methods of 2011. The fact is, in areas controlled by Al-Assad, the situation also is unendurable. So the fighting arrived at the centre of the city and called into question the banks and embassies, as well as also one by one the barracks, where the mercenaries had been stationed to concentrate  their attacks on the masses, were overrun.

While this was happening, the FSA, for fear of losing their businesses and their property immediately drew all the militiamen to leave the city with the excuse that there were no conditions for victory nor to hold on to any possible victory; they even withdrew, at gunpoint, ambulances and support vehicles that were backing the vanguard men fighting in the streets of Aleppo.

The FSA didn't give a damn about handing out their business route to Bashar, as the bourgeois are clear that when the poor masses are fighting, the whole property of capitalists is at risk. 

Not content with this, they gave time to the dog Bashar to occupy completely Castello road, even with infantry and cavalry. And after that the FSA began to launch a war of positions in overall inequality of conditions, regardless of the life of those who went to fight. Today, al Assad’s siege has been closed again on the rebel Aleppo. And the fronts are receding where the masses had advanced.

The infamous agreement  between the generals of the FSA and genocidal Bashar

The generals of the FSA care first and foremost for capitalist private property, i.e. that the masses do not expropriate the capitalists. They are capitalists, owners, bourgeois, businessmen. Hence before the mass offensive, that arose independently of their control in Aleppo, joined the exploited masses in the other neighborhoods, the FSA generals teamed up with Al Assad’s troops to close gaps and stop that onslaught. The FSA generals saw the masses taking banks, they trembled to such an extent that they made a deal with Assad quickly. They sealed a deal to safeguard their property, as an expression of the covenant between Turkey and Russia (their respective allies) that the latter had made public just a few days before.

The aim of this deal is closing ranks before an advance of the masses which also came together both in the liberated areas and the areas controlled by the dog Bashar. 

In fact the method of the insurrection of 2011 was returning, the way that the exploited used when they defeated al Assad’s army and liberated cities. The immediate possibility of reaching Damascus was on the order of the day,  the possibility once again, to expropriate the bourgeoisie of both al Assad and the FSA, and above all the imperialist oil companies guarded by ISIS. The revolution was regaining its drive and coordinating committees and the struggles of the masses were setting up embryonic bodies of soviets. It was time to win the war, because again the militiamen ignore the orders of the FSA generals and joined the exploited in the zones of the regime, which is being held solely in place by its occupation forces (Hezbollah, Iranian guards, etc), proving that it no longer has any social base. That is what the Turkey - Russia Covenant came to prevent, i,e. Assad’s fall by a revolutionary action of the masses.

Each one of them played its part. Al-Assad was reinforced again by Russian forces and Hezbollah and launched a redoubled offensive, both in Aleppo and other rebel areas, while Putin's aircraft are massacring without mercy. The FSA calls for holding, to maintain positions and not advance to the forefront and so patrols are left isolated in the front; FSA sends small groups to wars of position with inferiority of men and weaponry to deal with Assad’s troops and their allies. In each territory that they advance, if the FSA fails to impose its leadership, they call for immediate withdrawal, it leaves only a small number of fighters so that they are destroyed by Assad and Putin’s artillery and aviation, against which they have no weaponry or way to stop it, and always have to go back and seek refuge.

Through this latest deal, the FSA generals and Bashar al Assad’s heads are negotiating to restore the officers corps. They want to put an end to the Syrian revolution and impose a decisive defeat for the masses. But they cannot do this together. The generals of the FSA are now largely viewed as full members of the Geneva talks but no longer have authority in the eyes of the Syrian masses. The FSA need a top layer of officers that have enough authority as to make the masses swallow their deals of surrender; they need them for marching together with Assad’s genocidal officers to a "new Syria". That’s why a plan has begun to be implemented to try to break and corrupt the best of the rebel vanguard in Syria. Amidst the situation of misery they offer money, cars, equipment, and a trip to Qatar and Turkey for their "training". Many fighters have already withdrawn from the front. And others have been led to die in FSA side battles in inferior conditions, leaving them lonely and isolated in battles, etc.

Jabhat the Nusra and Ahrar Sham in the agreement: two real “left” obstacles to the masses’ drive

Ahrar al Sham and Jabhat al Nusra leaders have come to publicly denounce the FSA as traitors. Thus, they have put themselves on the left, because they want to try to contain anyone who breaks with FSA’s control. But at the same time, they justify their inaction in the present fighting with this statement. While the militiamen break the control of the FSA and go to fight against al Assad and break the siege to Aleppo, while the masses under the boot of Bashar revolt, Jabhat al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham armies remain inactive with all their heavy weapons in the neighboring province, Idlib. 

The betrayal of the generals of the FSA gave the perfect excuse to the leaders of these two groups in Idlib to impose what they always have guaranteed: the division between the fronts in Idlib and Aleppo, i.e. the separation of the fights against Bashar.
Nor are they interested in getting to Damascus or winning the war. They only trade for their own pockets from the areas they control. They are businessmen. They also are part of the agreement. They are a cap which controls the masses where they have presence; they want anyone who breaks with the FSA to fall under their aegis, and at the same time they refuse to coordinate the forces they lead, with the battles that the masses, that break with the FSA generals, are waging.

The generals of the FSA, Jabhat al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham are now an absolute brake against the victory of the revolution

All the defeats suffered by the dog Bashar and his troops, all the areas liberated where the masses advanced, all attacks that put the regime of al Assad on the verge of falling in these last six years and half were due to the revolutionary action of the exploited. They are the masses fighting with their insurrection methods. Whenever the FSA imposed its methods of isolated patrols that contested territory, all they have got are defeats and demoralization of the masses.

FSA generals did not liberate any area. Nor did Jabhat al Nusra generals. Only the masses did, looking for not only defeating Bashar and freedom, but being able to eat, having bread, fulfilling the demands of the revolution for which they had taken the streets of every city in 2011. The fighting that still remains is because the masses know that they don't have another solution save for advancing on Bashar and arriving in Damascus. They know that the only way to have food, a home, a job... a life... is winning the war. And as they suffer, they are over and over again going into combat.

The officialdom of the FSA and Jabhat al Nusra weaken the offensive. Beside each one of them there are the Muslim clerics to manipulate the masses, imbue them of a consciousness of submission to those generals.  This combination of generals and clerics who have expropriated the revolutionary processes is what guarantees the imposition of not only military policies and business agreements with Bashar. Generals and clerics are responsible for imposing the conditions of misery in the liberated zones. There are no schools; the wages are meager $ 20 monthly for 12-hour workdays. Food and basic resources are scarce. Medical care is very poor for a war zone. No one can even express discontent with their government; they have destroyed and dissolved the coordinating committees, and all organs of direct democracy of the masses, of workers and poor farmers’ alliance... Why is it that there are so many millions of refugees and displaced persons who are not fighting? Because they do not see any reason for giving their life for these generals, that impose conditions of misery even worse than they had before the 2011 uprising.

Any proletarian leadership in this war would expropriate the property of capitalists and banks everywhere, ensuring that the masses and territory are liberated from the troops of Al-Assad, to solve the problem of bread and put everything available to the service of winning the war. It would ensure that those establishments don't cater to Bashar by trading with him, as FSA and Jabhat al Nusra’s businessmen do. It would give each man [and woman] a rifle. It would put up coordinating committees, i.e., organs of direct democracy. It would call on all the refugees to return to recover their houses, their lives, to combat together, and would give each one of them a weapon and a place in the committees of coordination.  

It would add massive forces to combat -not only Syrian and refugee masses, but those of the world working class, today unable to intervene together with their class brothers and sisters in Syria due to the encirclement of the revolution by the treacherous leaderships.

The leadership of the working class is the cause why victory has not been achieved... both inside Syria in the hands of the bourgeois generals of the FSA and Jabhat at the Nusra, as of the international working class under the spell of the WSF and the new left.

Precisely this is what Trotsky had warned about what the Republican bourgeoisie did in the Spanish civil war of 1931-39: "The masses who had assured all the previous successes of the revolution still continued to believe that the revolution would reach its logical conclusion, that is, achieve an overturn in property relations, give land to the peasants, and transfer the factories into the hands of the workers. The dynamic force of the revolution was lodged precisely in this hope of the masses for a better future. But the honorable republicans did everything in their power to trample, to besmirch, or simply to drown in blood the cherished hopes of the oppressed masses." (León Trotsky, "The tragedy of Spain", January 30, 1939, our emphasis)

To unleash the "dynamic force of the revolution" in Syria, it is necessary to get rid of the "Republican gentlemen" of the FSA. For a proletarian leadership of the war! Let's set up again coordination committees!

On conditions for victory

Obviously the policy of the Syrian bourgeoisie, which is an expression of the policies of the global imperialist bourgeoisies, is to save and protect property at any necessary cost; it doesn’t matter if they have to massacre hundreds of thousands (as already they have done) and even millions of people. Leon Trotsky defined it in writing on the Spanish civil war apropos Franco-Assad: 

"On Franco’s side there is neither a staunch army nor popular support. There is only the greed of proprietors ready to drown in blood three – fourths of the population if only to maintain their rule over the remaining one – fourth. (...)Franco’s great superiority lies in this, that he has a clear and definite program: to safeguard and stabilize capitalist property, the rule of the exploiters, and the domination of the church; and to restore the monarchy." (León Trotsky, "The Tragedy of Spain", January 30, 1939)

The agreement... today the plan of imperialism and its agents boils down to this. It will bring not more democracy, but a deepening of the massacre and a graveyard. More fascism will come. This they need to impose. Even ISIS is too soft for them. For this reason they are already agreeing on its departure and this leaves the masses at the mercy of the mercenaries of Al-Assad and the bombings not only of Russia but also of the U.S.-led coalition. They just bombard civilians. The masses oppose these counter-revolutionary forces because they already know what will happen if the latter enter: they will impose a fascism ten thousand times worse than that of ISIS, as already happened in Palmyra.

Down with Geneva conferences and all the covenants among the businessmen made behind the backs of the poor people and those who are fighting! Down with the deals between the FSA and Bashar! Let’s march to Damascus for defeating the dog! It is imperative to break the siege to Aleppo!

The FSA does not represent the Syrian exploited masses. No one voted them or mandated them. They boast of representing the Syrian people, but they are, on the contrary, who gave up on them. Let's ignore all the generals-without- battle and the authority from other agents that control different parts of Syria. For a Syrian National Assembly with a delegate each 10 thousand inhabitants in all the liberated areas, the refugee camps and the areas occupied by Bashar and ISIS and the Kurdish area!

Let's bring back standing coordination committees neighborhood by neighborhood, village by village!

Let them centralize and coordinate at the national level! That is the true power of the workers and poor people.

In their militia, they must choose their own leaders in assemblies! Enough of the weapons hoard by the FSA, Jabhat the Nusra and other groups! A man, a gun!

Let's expropriate oil wells, banks, factories and the entire property of the bourgeoisie [and place these under workers’ control]! There the funds are to solve the problem of bread and win the war.

To succeed, the head of Bashar must roll in Damascus! For the military defeat of his mercenary troops and all those who support him as Putin, Hezbollah and the Iranian ayatollahs! We socialist revolutionaries affirm that this can be achieved only starting from the insurrectionary method. So it was that all the cities were freed in 2011 / 2012 from the presence of Bashar’s troops; thus the center of Aleppo was reached on July 11; this is the way to move forward all across Syria.
We call the exploited masses to follow this path and fight for their interests, in order to have a home, a salary equal to the family shopping basket, bread, decent jobs. They must rise up both in the liberated areas and the areas still occupied by Bashar, expropriating the capitalists to ensure those demands. In areas that ISIS controls, the masses should disarm those guardians of the imperialist oil and expropriate those businessmen. Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor should once again become bastions of the Syrian revolution in the fight against the dog Bashar and his allies. The masses, taking oil wells, refineries and power plants can cut the supply of energy and hydrocarbons to Bashar... depriving his army.

Let's restore the revolutionary front of 2011! We call on the Kurdish people to break all the agreements sealed by their own bourgeoisie and the leadership of the PKK and the YPG both with Bashar the dog in Syria and with US imperialism in Iraq, and to march to Damascus, raising the same demands of all the exploited, which are also his, and which they have failed to get in Rojava. For only in a worker and peasant Syria of the poor people, they may have even their right to national self-determination. In it all the minorities will be respected.

Let's unite and coordinate with our Palestinian, Iraqi, Yemeni brethren and those in the entire Maghreb and Middle East! From Tunisia to Aleppo to Jerusalem to Baghdad, a same intifada!

We call on the European, Russian ,US,and Iranian working class to revolt and stop the murderous war machinery of their Governments, assassins on account of imperialism. Beware that for each bomb they drop in Syria, they will wage a top attack within your countries.

The key to victory is in the hands of the workers today rising up in Europe, as in France, and in the United States against Obama, the head of the Geneva Conferences’ agreements and so many counterrevolutionary henchmen, paid agents that have gotten to the interior of the mass movement to make it surrender, acting as Trojan horses. In Assad’s banks, from where vast fortunes are drawn, all the Middle East-looting US-UK imperialist oil companies launder their money. All of us are facing the same enemy.

From the world proletariat the best help will come for the Syrian revolution and the victory of the World Socialist Revolution.

Brigada León Sedov




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