The Spark no 20  21st March 2017

 1. International Perspectives 2017

2. Sassa scam and the role of US imperialism

3. We condemn the anti-immigrant march in Pretoria

4. A new federation and a new workers party?

5. On the UN Security Council and Syria

6. The 2016 local government elections shows the way for a revolutionary workers’ party

7. Open letter to United Front on #feesmustfall

8. Imperialist plunder the obstacle to free education for all

9. Why Zuma was forced to agree to 0% increase for 2016


The Spark no 21 22nd March 2017


  1. On the attempted coup in Turkey
  2. You can take the masses out of Aleppo but you cannot take Aleppo out of the masses
  3. Aleppo has fallen- statement by Leon Sedov Brigade
  4. Memorandum of the Coalition Against Xenophobia to presidency
  5. End the discrimination against women married through cultural/customary law
  6. We need more libraries
  7. On the revolt in France
  8. Universities are violent, untransformed spaces
  9. Mayday 2016, focus on Syria
  10.  Drop the charges against Michael Pröbsting


The Spark no 22 23rd March 2017

  1. We review the book Solidarity Road by Jan Theron
  2. Abolishing racism- some thoughts
  3. On the state monopoly of violence
  4. A proposed way forward for #feesmustfall
  5. Assessing the balance of forces in #feesmustfall struggles
  6. Memorandum to the US Consulate over their complicity in Syria
  7. Memorandum to the Russian Consulate over their violence against the Syrian masses
  8. Syria- 28 Nov 2016, the mercenary forces of Assad enter Aleppo
  9. On reactionary partnership against Syrian masses 24 July 2016-Leon Sedov brigade
  10. Joint WIVP-RCIT statement on the strike at CPUT


The Spark no 23 19th May 2017

  1. Parliament must fall
  2. Imperialism is preparing a palace coup in SA
  3. Forward to total insourcing at UWC
  4. We respond to Malikane
  5. We demand libraries within walking distance
  6. Exploding the myth of Syria being ‘anti-imperialist’
  7. Letter from families of Las Heras prisoners
  8. We pay tribute to Dan Molefe, fallen comrade of the Boiketlong 4
  9. SANDF off UFS
  10. Letter from Bolivian workers in support of Syrian revolutionary masses
  11. Our letter of solidarity with the Nuits Debout youth movement in France
  12. US dirty tricks plans in SA exposed
  13. Mayday message to Lalit on ‘smart cities’.
  14. In defence of the art of protest

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Without exception,ALL the parties taking part in the elections,despite their promises, will deliver a future of more unemployment, lower wages, more hardship, more evictions, more homelessness, more exclusion from education, death and destruction through starvation and Aids.

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