Memorandum to the US Consulate over your terrorising of the Syrian masses
The US Consul General
South Africa

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Concern over the terrorising of the Syrian masses by Russia, US government forces and Israel

In September this year your government signed an agreement with the Russian regime to jointly co-ordinate the fight against ‘terror’.

For months now, the Russian military, the Assad militias, the YPG (which is supported by you) and allied forces have laid siege to Eastern Aleppo; the more than 200 000 people there, cannot leave, nor cross the street to get a slice of bread due to the threat of being either bombed by Putin’s and your forces or shot down by your alliance militias. We note the Assad leaflets that go hand in hand with the bombings from yourselves and the Russians, namely that if the masses do not leave, they will be obliterated;
In other words, the masses are being terrorised into submission by yourselves and the Assad regime; the same siege methods are being applied by you and your allies in several parts of Syria. We note also that US imperialism has laid siege to the Cuban masses for over 50 years. Here you are again, trying to break the revolutionary spirit of the Syrian masses.
The Economist reports that the Kurdish YPG, that is also besieging Aleppo, is supported by 300 US military officials. Thus the terror being dished out to the masses in East Aleppo, is also done by US imperialism as the YPG forces (supported by US troops) are also laying siege to the masses. The weapons and funds that Isis has received, comes from the US imperialists, yet here we have the same US imperialists fighting side by side with the Russian and the Assad forces to lay siege to Aleppo.This shows that the September agreement is not about fighting terror but to terrorise ordinary masses who are protesting against the Assad regime;
In 1948 hundreds of Palestinian villages were demolished and over 700 000 Palestinians expelled from their lands by the zionist forces. This Nakba was a huge act of terror against the Palestinians. Today there are over 6 million Palestinian refugees who are being prevented by the zionist elite from returning home. The millions of Palestinians who remain in historic Palestine are subject to arbitrary bombings, arrest, torture, their houses are demolished at will, land is seized daily, the illegal wall in and around the West Bank is still being extended, the Palestinians do not have freedom of movement; the destruction of the housing in 2014 in Gaza has still not been repaired due to the ten year blockade by the zionist state and another winter is upon us. The zionist elite annexed the Golan Heights from Syria and still occupies it even today. In other words, the biggest terrorist in the Middle East is the zionist state. However you take no punitive action against them. On the contrary, you send many of your citizens to live on land stolen from the Palestinian, you purchase weapons and drones from the Israeli elite, you step aside and let the zionist jets fly into Syria to bomb a Hezbollah convoy on the 29-30 Nov (Who gave the zionist the co-ordinates and times of the departure of this convoy?). One thing is crystal clear is that if you had to choose between the zionist terror regime and Hezbollah, you will always choose the zionist regime. The US regime gives $3bn each year to the zionist army. The US regime has waged countless coups against the masses around the world; the US regime is about to demolish the water protectors in North Dakota. Yet your alliance partner in Syria, on the ground in Aleppo, is the fascist Assad regime, the Russians and their allied militias. The facts speak for themselves; The Sept agreement is indeed being implemented and its aims are to terrorise the masses into submission.
It is on record (for example the case of Maher Arar) that Assad has rendition prisons of the CIA. You are in effect funding the zionist terrorists occupation of the Golan Heights. The Assad regime has been responsible for the vast majority of deaths; his regime is responsible for the displacement of half the masses in the entire country and yet you assist his on the ground and through your support of Isis; you do not assist the masses against the terror regime of Assad but assist the terror regime of Assad against the masses.
The Saudi regime has been terrorising the masses in Yemen. You are in partnership with this butcher regime of Saudi Arabia.

We note further, that the zionist regime also discriminates against black people. Yet this regime is your alliance partner.
We call for the immediate withdrawal of all US (and Russian) troops and allied militias from Syria, an end to your support of the Assad regime, an end to your support for Isis and for an end to the bombings.

If you do not, we pledge to continue on a national and international campaign, listing all the responsible members of your regime as continuators of modern day apartheid and slavery. We call for the masses in the USA to hold your regime to account. We note that you have not joined the ICC yet you claim to uphold ‘universal human values’. This looks like universal hypocrisy. We call for Bush, Obama, Putin, Netanyahu and Assad to be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Your courts are silent over the war crimes by the regime, the Russians and yourselves in Syria. In other words, the courts are not there for justice but to maintain imperialist hegemony that keeps the vast majority of humanity in chains.

We stand with the Water Protectors in North Dakota as we stand with the Syrian revolutionary masses. We remember that 2017 brings commemorations of 100 years since the October revolution. May a new spring blossom in all corners of the globe.
Defend the Revolutionary Syrian masses committee ℅ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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